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Alan Smith

Alan Smith was born in Newcastle and educated at The Armidale School and Newcastle Boy’s High School. He gained an Associate Diploma in Industrial Chemistry in 1952 and in 1982 he completed a Masters Degree from the University of Newcastle in commerce and economics.


Albert Palazzo

Dr Albert Palazzo is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Army’s Land Warfare Studies Centre in Canberra. He has written widely on warfare in the modern age, and on the Australian Arm...

Alexander Stilwell

A military analyst of many years’ experience, Alexander Stilwell is the author of The Encyclopedia of Survival Techniques, The Elite Forces Manual of Mental & Physical Endurance and Manhunt, and regularly contributes to the International Defence Review.

Allison Marlow Paterson

Allison Marlow Paterson is a teacher/librarian. She decided to write Anzac Sons to honour her family after the collection of over 500 letters came close to being destroyed, but through fate were recovered. She began researching and transcribing the letters 12 years ago and after visiting the ...

Andy Millar

Andy Millar is a retired Navy Commander, having served 26 years in the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) and 14 years in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The David Millar who features in Lost at Sea was his father.

Ann Howard

Ann Howard loves life. She is an enthusiastic traveller and adventurer. She has ridden elephants through the Sumatran jungle; climbed

Annette Stephens

Now retired and living happily in Melbourne with her husband and family, Annette has a Diploma of Teaching (Primary) and a Graduate Diploma of Media Studies.

In the course of exiting Kenja, Annette re...

Barry Stevens

Barry Stevens was in the Australian Army for more than 22 years spending much of his time in the Infantry Corps. This is where he learnt the craft of landmine clearance, demolitions and unexploded ordnance disposal techniques. He was instrumental in designing the Scorpion Landmine Clearance System. It was these qualifications and ex...

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Anzac Sons - Kids Captain Thunderbolt

Whatever Remains
Book Review by Neville Taylor for The Royal United Services Institute of Victoria Library - March 20...


Anzac Sons - Childrens Version
Book Review by The Royal United Services Institute of Victoria Library - April 2015


Sudan 1885
Book Review by The Royal United Services Institute of Victoria Library - February 2015