What does Big Sky Publishing publish?

Big Sky Publishing publishes a wide range of non-fiction, history, military history, self-help, auto/biography, business, careers, environment, how to/practical, health, humour, lifestyle, Indigenous studies and women’s and men’s studies. In general, Big Sky Publishing does not publish fiction, children’s stories or poetry.

How should I send you my submission?

Big Sky Publishing currently accepts unsolicited non-fiction manuscripts.

Your submission should include:

  • One-page synopsis of the manuscript;
  • First 4 chapters printed on A4 paper (double line spaced);
  • One page review of any books, already published, that cover a similar topic and an outline of how your proposal differs.
  • Covering letter outlining the author’s writing experience, if any previous publications, work and any relevant life details. If the manuscript targets a specific market, please give a brief description of the intended readership and how your manuscript stacks up against competitors.

Mail your submissions or contributions to:
Big Sky Publishing
PO Box 303
Newport NSW 2106

Or email submissions or contributions to:
General: submissions@bigskypublishing.com.au

Please send email submissions as single standard word-processing file, preferably Microsoft Word attachments. Please do not send typescripts as individual chapter files, or as ‘compressed’, ‘zipped’ or password protected files.

Big Sky Publishing bears no responsibility for the loss or damage of unsolicited material received.

Can I send more than one manuscript at a time?

If you wish to send multiple novels for consideration please send each one as a separate submission.

Will you return my submission?

If you would like your manuscript returned to you, we ask that you send a suitably sized, stamped, self-addressed postage bag for the return of your manuscript in the event that we decide not to publish the work. Unfortunately, if you do not send postage, we will not be able to return your work, as we cannot bear responsibility for this cost.

Will you consider incomplete manuscripts or proposals for as yet unwritten manuscripts?

No, we can only accept finished manuscripts. It is important that you ensure that your manuscript is as close to perfect as it can be before sending it to us. A manuscript will generally only get one chance with a publishing house, so you need to make sure it's as finished as possible before you send it out.

Please don't send us updates or changes once it is submitted, as they won't be considered. If, once your manuscript is already with us, you feel you would like to make changes, it is better to withdraw it from our consideration process until you are sure it is as finished and polished as possible.

How long will you take to decide if you want to publish my book?

An acknowledgment is sent on receipt of the submission. You should allow approximately 2-3 months for assessment of your work (this is approximate, and while we will try to read your submission as soon as possible, sometimes it will take longer than expected). Generally, we are not able to provide you feedback if we decide your submission is not suitable for our list. If you would like a constructive report on your manuscript, it could be useful to have a manuscript assessment done. There are a number of Manuscript Assessment Services available.

How should my manuscript be formatted?

We prefer 12-point, Times New Roman, double line-spaced.

Can I resubmit a manuscript which has been declined by you in the past but which has been revised?

No, regrettably a decision to decline is final.

To whom should my submission be addressed?

Please address all submissions to the Chief Editor of Big Sky Publishing.

I am a literary agent. Can I send you my client’s novel?

Yes, we’d love to hear from you, our contact number is 1300 364 611 or you can simply follow the submissions procedure described above.

Thank you very much for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!

With best wishes from the editorial team at Big Sky Publishing

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