Writer's Resources

The following links will take you to websites that provide useful information for writers. The websites are external and not controlled by Big Sky Publishing.

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Australian Society of Authors
Australian Writers' Guild
Poets' Union
Australian Literary Agents' Association


Writers Centres

NSW Writers’ Centre
NT Writers’ Centre
QLD Writers Centre
SA Writers’ Centre
TAS Writers Centre
VIC Writers’ Centre
WA Writers’ Centre
ACT Writers’ Centre


Writers' Fellowships

Australian Fellowship of Writers
NSW Fellowship of Writers
VIC Fellowship of Writers
TAS Fellowship of Writers
WA Fellowship of Writers


Women Writers

VIC Society of Women Writers
NSW Society of Women Writers

The Man Who Carried the Nation Tommy Bell 3 FB

Alex Kerr's incredible WWII survivial story
Military books Australia Book Review


Country lad stepped up to save the world
Ian Mansfield reflects on living dangerously FROM the simple, innocent country life in rural Victori...


Listener - The Best Books of 2015
"The Ottoman Defence against the Anzac Landing" features in Listener's "The Best Books 2015".