Submitting a Manuscript

Big Sky Publishing currently accepts unsolicited manuscripts that are complete and meet our Submission Guidelines.

Big Sky Publishing is a publisher of non-fiction adult titles are currently welcoming manuscripts in the following genres: history, military history, true crime, , self-help, health, parenting, business, auto/biography, humour and lifestyle.  We also publish children’s books, and while we always receive a very high volume of submissions, we are always on the look out for books that fill a gap in the market and help children learn and grow.  Given the number of submissions we receive in the Children’s category, it is especially important that you follow our Submission Guidelines and indicate your market and key differentiators.

Submission guidelines

All submissions must be emailed to with the title and genre in the subject line.


We require:

  • One-page synopsis of the manuscript;
  • First 4 chapters printed on A4 paper (double line spaced) for adult books;
  • The complete manuscript for children’s books;
  • An overview (2 – 4 pages) including: why someone would want to read your book; the target audience it is written for; review of any books, already published, that cover a similar topic and why your book is different; key selling points; an overview of contents; author’s writing experience and any relevant contacts.

If for some reason you believe it necessary to mail your submission, please only send copies of your submission (never send the original or sole copy). Big Sky Publishing bears no responsibility for the loss or damage of unsolicited material received. Unfortunately, we cannot return manuscripts.

Please note that given the significant amount of submissions we receive monthly we can only respond to people where we feel we can progress to the next stage.  However, please be assured that all submissions will be carefully considered and reviewed and we are truly appreciative of the time and effort taken to submit them.    It is important to remember that our inability to progress your application is not a reflection of the quality and value of your work – we can only release a limited number of books per year – so please continue to pursue opportunities for publication.

We will contact you within 4 – 6 months if we are able to progress further with your submission.

Generally, we are not able to provide you feedback if we decide your submission is not suitable for our list. If you would like a constructive report on your manuscript, it could be useful to have a professional manuscript assessment completed. There are a number of Manuscript Assessment Services available – you can check out our resource section for ideas.

Submission Notes

It is important that you ensure that your manuscript is as close to perfect as it can be before sending it to us. We can’t stress this highly enough. A manuscript will generally only get one chance with a publishing house, so you need to make sure it’s as finished as possible before you send it out. Participate in writing groups, go on writing courses and workshops, show it to people whose opinion you trust, find a mentor, and consider getting it professionally assessed by a manuscript appraisal service or professional editor.

Please don’t send us updates or changes once it is submitted.


If we do decide to take on your manuscript, we will make you an offer for publication. If you accept the offer, we will proceed with the production, design, marketing, publicity and distribution of your book.  You will be assigned a Project Manager who will work with you throughout the publishing process.

Further Information

If you would like further information about writing and getting published here are some useful resources:

Please email submissions to  If you believe it necessary to mail your submission, please post to:
Big Sky Publishing

Chief Editor
PO Box 52, Wavell Heights  Qld 4012

For general inquires in the first instance you can email:

General Non Fiction:

Military Non Fiction:

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