Alana Oakley: Mystery & Mayhem Review

November 09, 2015

Alana is ready for high school. She has everything organised, which is a good thing because her mother isn’t reliable with mundane tasks like paying bills or remembering important dates. Ever since Alana’s dad died, her mother has buried herself in her work and it has been Alana’s job to be the practical one.

On the first day at her new school Alana makes a new friend, is confused and confronted by the physical education teacher, and is given a mystery to solve. Someone has stolen Sofia’s charm bracelet. Alana is on the case. It would be nice to say that all went smoothly but it wouldn’t be true.

The mayhem in Alana’s life is caused by her good intentions to right a wrong. The mayhem in her mother’s life is caused by well-intentioned friends. Getting things wrong because a person means well isn’t the prerogative of the young.

This funny, quirky romp will delight and entertain.

Reviewed by Wendy Noble

Age guide 10+

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