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The Campaign Series by the Australian Army History Unit offers comprehensive and approachable books for all ages. Rich in detail and history the titles in this series are written and researched by some of Australia’s most prominent military historians. A must-have for all military history enthusiasts, associations, schools and education facilities.

In 2004, the then Chief of Army Strategic Advisory Group, comprised of the Army’s senior generals, established a scheme to promote the study and understanding of military history. The focus was on the Army’s future generation of leaders and from this the Campaign Series was created. The series complements Army’s other history publications of high quality, academically rigorous and referenced major analytical works.

The Campaign Series focuses on leadership, command, strategy, tactics, lessons and personal experiences of war presented in a manner that is accessible for students through to serious history enthusiasts. Each title within the series features extensive visual sources of information – maps, including specifically prepared maps in colour and 3D, specifically commissioned artwork, photographs and computer graphics.

The Campaign Series covers campaigns and battles comprising major conflicts as well as those battles or campaigns that are less well known. This series provides a significant contribution to the history of the Australian Army and one that offers an excellent introduction to the campaigns and battles fought.

Roger Lee, Army Historian and Head of the Australian Army History Unit


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