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Australian Bushranger Series – June Offer

Authors: Jane Smith
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“Captain Thunderbolt – Shortlisted for an Australian Book Industry Award (ABIA) in the Small Publisher’s Children’s Book of the Year category


The Australian Bushrangers series by librarian and historical researcher, Jane Smith, details the colourful lives of six of Australia’s most famous bushrangers of the gold rush era: Captain Thunderbolt, Captain Moonlite, Frank Gardiner, Ben Hall, and the two men known as ‘Captain Starlight’.

Based on meticulous research of primary sources such as birth, death and marriage certificates, Police Gazettes, Court, policeand gaol records, letters and newspaper articles, Jane Smith, has produced a series of books that align with the nationalcurriculum and are both entertaining and historically accurate; for the first time dispelling many of the myths.

These simply written, concise narratives provide an insight into the lives of these bushrangers. From their family background,crimes, family and gang members, the circumstances and events that led him to crime, and where relevant, his capture and death, the books are full of interesting facts and loaded with images, newspaper clippings and records.


In this absorbing set of five paperback information books, author Jane Smith has provided an engaging, at times riveting, study of six of Australia’s more infamous bushrangers, effectively debunking the myths and exposing the raw criminality of these outlaws. – Magpie Magazine


Jane Smith

Jane Smith

  Author and librarian Jane Smith has a passion for Australian history and bushrangers in particular. With thirteen books on the subject published since 2014, and with titles receiving award nominations in the ABIA and CBCA awards and glowing reviews nationally it appears that Jane’s fascination with Australian history is shared by children, parents and […]

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