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Reece Give Me Some Peace HB

Authors: Sonia Bestulic Illustrator: Nancy Bevington
Children, Fiction, Music
230mm x 260mm

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A fun-loving book about the wonderful world of music and of noisy play!

A fun-loving book about the wonderful world of music and of noisy play!
Reece is a very cheeky, curious young boy who loves making NOISE. Today he’s making music. There are lots of
interesting clangs, bangs and thumps coming from his room as his playing gets more and more vigorous.

His mother’s requests for him to be quieter only seem to make him louder and louder. As his exuberance for his playing
grows, so does his mothers exasperation!

Will she ever get any peace?

The simple rhythmic text combined with delightful illustrations remind us of the power of learning through
play and exploration. Kids will love making the lively sounds, and parents and carers will relate to the
challenge of being able to enjoy some quiet; especially when there are instruments at play!


Sonia Bestulic

Sonia Bestulic

Sonia Bestulic was born and grew up in Sydney Australia, enjoying a childhood filled with wonderful books, a passion for writing, and musically entwined, having played the violin until her late teens, including performances at the Sydney Opera House. Sonia embraces the joys of motherhood and family life, with her three amazing young children, from […]

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Nancy Bevington

Nancy Bevington

Nancy Bevington is a talented illustrator and also recognised for her distinctive large scale paintings. Her artistic career spans over three decades. Nancy has worked extensively in the publishing industry. Illustrating children’s books are a real passion. She created the book series ‘Mad Dog the Chef’ which proved extremely popular with children and adults, both in Australia and […]

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