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Yucky Disgustingly Gross Icky Short Stories – June Offer

Authors: Susan Berran
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Yucky Disgustingly Gross Icky Short Stories – Books 1 to 3 

A fun, action-packed, supersized, seriously gross series by the bestselling author of the ‘’Freaky’’ series– Susan Berran

About The Series: 

Booga Blast: So you want to know why boogas are reeeally green? And can you put all of that awesomely gross sweat, slime and garbage that you’ve saved-up between your toes for six months, you know ‘toe jam’, on toast for breakfast? Well how would I know?! Geez, do I look like some sort of humongous computer square-head with ‘GOOGLE’ written across my face!?

Barf Blast: So you know all those really yucky, disgusting and gross things from Book 1 – well guess what, there’s more disturbingly icky stuff that your parents don’t like talking about in Book 2! Like, if you chuck-up will it land on your head? And, where does your nose go when it runs? And how did a ‘streaker’ end up in this book!?

Butt Blast: Just when you thought it was safe … out comes Book 3 – Butt Blast. Featuring hilarious stories that ponder the big questions such as, How can my butt smell when it doesn’t have a nose? Full of yucky, gross and totally disgusting encounters, this book have kids screaming with laughter and parents shaking with dread!


All the tales are spewalicious and I know that boys who are not into reading will love this (and boys who love to read too). They may even put down their play stations for a moment, it is certainly sickeningly engaging and this is a good thing. I think for the kids not interested in reading because ‘it’s boring,’ this is something to wet the appetite. … it has the allure of a fart machine for boys between six and ten. – CKT Review

The latest book in this hilarious series will have parents running for cover, and kids screaming for more….

Susan Berran

Susan Berran

Susan Berran is a successful children’s illustrator and author who loves encouraging kids to read and write. Her books are packed with plenty of fun, action and ‘gross stuff’ – the perfect formula to get kids laughing and reading. She is a passionate advocate for children’s literacy and has a long association with various writer […]

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