Captain Thunderbolt – ABIA 2015 Awards Shortlist

April 21, 2015

Frederick Wordsworth Ward, better known as ‘Captain Thunderbolt’, was a bushranger who plagued New South Wales for almost seven years during one of the longest bushranging ‘careers’ in history.

Thunderbolt was intelligent, charming and courageous; a great storyteller who enjoyed much public support despite his crimes. Although a horse thief and a highway robber, he has become something of a romantic figure of Australia’s past. Many legends have grown up around him – stories of a devoted husband and father, a gentleman, a lover of music and literature; a man who hated violence and a victim of the law. The truth, however, is quite a different story!

This book provides a fascinating account of Thunderbolt’s life and some of his more notable exploits. It also refutes many of the popular myths that surround him. It is full of interesting facts and loaded with images, newspaper clippings and records.

Captain Thunderbolt is part of the Australian Bushrangers series by librarian and historical researcher, Jane Smith. This entertaining series details the lives of six of Australia’s most famous bushrangers of the gold rush era. The books are written especially for middle primary readers, but will appeal to history lovers of all ages.

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