Enough Already – the ongoing battle against breast & ovarian cancer

October 02, 2012

October 2012 is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Australia’s Pink Ribbon Day is held on Monday 22 October 2012.

Author and Cancer previvor Veronica Neave and her family – featured in her book and documentary of the same name Pieces of Me – continue to battle this horrible disease and one that they have been proven to genetically carry.

Diagnosed with the BRCA2 gene – Veronica, her two sisters and her mother are the first of their family line to be given the information of over an 85% certainty that they would one day battle breast or ovarian cancer.  Claudette, Veronica’s mother has already had breast cancer twice – in the same breast – Veronica’s youngest sister is now facing her own battle. The reality is that even with prior knowledge and pre-emptive testing there is no certainty of prevention or cure.

Enough Already – the ongoing battle against breast & ovarian cancer … Veronica Neave

The conclusion of my book ‘Pieces of Me’ left me on quite an optimistic note, feeling that I had set things right, that I had done my bit to thwart the ravishing trajectory of the BRCA2 gene in my family’s’ lineage.  That optimism has recently given way to an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness against an insidious mutation that seems to gather strength with each generation.

Three mastectomies, two hysterectomies, a book release and a documentary produced provided little protection for my family against this deadly heirloom when my younger sister recently succumbed to it’s sinister expression in the form of Ovarian/Peritoneal cancer, she is only 34.

I am so tired of talking about BRCA2, I am so angry that it targets our reproductive organs once they have given their all, and I am so sad for all the women in my family as far back as I can remember fight this disease till their death.

But renewed is my admiration at the staggering strength with which they fight, at the collective fervour that women of the world display in raising awareness and at the indefatigable efforts of the doctors and scientists to find a cure. We will find a cure, and we will survive.

View Pieces of Me Documentary trailer here

Veronica’s book Pieces of Me is available in paperback and  WORLD Wide on Ebook.  Or print on demand paperback in the USA.

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