This Fathers Day better than 10 birthdays..

August 31, 2012

This Fathers Day will be especially special for Matt as he celebrates the joy of finally joining the éxclusive fathers club’..

Told with refreshing honesty Matt Barwicks new book Life in Limbo offers a rare perspective on the topics of infertility, family suicide and mental illness diagnosis from the perspective of a self-deprecating, young, Australian man.

This Sunday – Fathers Day – will be a very precious day for Matt.  In his words…

“This Sunday I will have finally experienced an event that for me is better than ten birthdays: my first Father’s Day. Not that long ago I was convinced that I wasn’t ever going to be a dad – despite my best attempts. But as I learnt, when it comes to making babies, how hard you try has little to do with it.

My wife and I thought getting pregnant was going to be a cinch. But instead we seemed to come up against hurdle after hurdle—one medical road block after another— to the point where there were times it felt like we were jinxed.  Unexplained fertility, numerous IVF attempts , and a heartbreaking stillbirth at 22½ weeks, we found the whole saga excruciating torture.

Thankfully we kept trying. Although all the credit must go to my wife Ali, because I gave up on fatherhood when we reached double digits of failed fertility treatments. Remarkably she fought on and had a full-term pregnancy—baby Oliver.

All up it took five years to finally join the exclusive fatherhood club. And I personally don’t ever want to take it for granted. Ollie is a delight. Just writing his name makes me smile and when he giggles I get goosebumps of joy. All I want is for him to live a happy and healthy life. Sadly, such wishes are by no means a given, as I found out firsthand over this journey.

The challenge for this doting dad will be not to spoil my boy in years to come. To give him everything he needs in life, but not necessarily everything he wants. I’m sure it won’t be easy. But I feel privileged to even be in this position.”

Life in Limbo is available now in paperback and Ebook.

Join Matt on his facebook page where he would love to hear from you.

AND ENJOY Fathers Day!

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