Interview on 4BC Brisbane with Paul Jordan tomorrow

August 14, 2012

Tomorrow Paul Jordan author of The Easy Day Was Yesterday will be featured on Radio 4BC drive Brisbane – with Gary Hardgrave.

Tune in Wednesday 15 August at 4.35pm EST time.

This is not just another story about an SAS soldier and how tough they are — that’s been done to death and, frankly, they all read the same.

Paul Jordan author of new release The Easy Day Was Yesterday  is an ex-SAS soldier and currently a security advisor who heads to all the hotspots worldwide with VIP’s from diplomats to media. He’s written a no-holds barred look at his life, it kicks off in an Indian where as part of his job as a security advisor he’s training some Nepali journalists – an end of the day Rickshaw ride ends with Paul incarcerated in an Indian gaol – a stinky filthy place that challenges much of Pauls perspective on what he’d previously thought a ‘hard slog’.

Sure to be a great interview.

Listen here

The Easy Day Was Yesterday is available in paperback or Ebook.

View Sample pages here

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