July 12, 2014

One Shot Kills reveals the secretive, complex and often impenetrable world of the military sniper where ‘one-shot kills’ is the key objective.

“Following World War II and Korea,  like their WW I counterparts, few snipers wanted to write about their terrible experiences, remembering in those days, sniping was regarded by even fellow soldiers as unsporting” or … even worse “almost criminal”.  Attitudes have changed over time, and nowadays that perception has changed, and snipers are now rightly regarded as “force multipliers” who actually reduce the rate of casualties.”

Authors Glenn Wahlert and Russell Linwood’s new book relates true stories from actual snipers who reached the peak of their profession in a deadly art. In an age of precision weapons and unmanned drones, this book is about professional soldiers who can clearly see the men they are about to kill, and witness, first-hand, the consequences of their actions.

Including interviews from snipers in the Second World War, Korea, Vietnam and more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan this book is for many soldiers the first time their stories have been told.  The authors hope that this a collection of true stories melded with a wealth of research, will not only generate interest  but also provide those men who have experience in this field to have the sense of being valued, and perhaps even come forward to tell their own story.

As Wahlert states, “When we were interviewing veteran snipers from past wars, we found these men were so appreciative that someone was interested in their stories after so many years. Most had rarely spoken of their Army experiences, their skills in battle, the risks they had taken, all hidden away from friends and family.”

It has been a long road from the South African veldt where the Australian soldier first encountered the sniper, to the modern battlefield of Afghanistan where today’s Army sniper has shown himself to be among the best trained in the world.

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