New Releases February & March 2015

February 19, 2015


Penny Graham spent most of her adult life unravelling the truth about her family history. In 2010 a recognised Australian author claimed that her father and mother were involved in espionage for the British government during WWII. Penny’s journey to discover the truth took her around the world twice, on many twists and turns as she discovers how her father managed to hoodwink so many people in his long and complex life. $29.99


The first book to fill a regrettable gap in Australia’s military history. Combat Colonels documents the lives of all the Commanding Officers who led units into action in the Great War. From these pages emerge the men who shaped Australia’s battlefield history – the professional soldiers and men from varied occupations whose leadership on and off the battlefield proved so crucial. These are men Australia cannot afford to forget. $34.99

SUDAN 1855

The deployment to the Sudan represents Australia’s first real military engagement abroad. Sudan follows the political indecision, expensive deployments and military defeats in the ‘’holy war’’ waged by Sudanese leaders. It also shows that some of our global challenges are not new. Another great title from the Australian Army History Unit’s Campaigns Series. $19.99

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