Alana Oakley

Alana Oakley


Alana is your typical ‘girl-next-door’ … with a twist. Loyal, lippy and level-headed, she’s the best person to have in a crisis. On weekends, she can be found playing football or figuring out a new chord on the guitar, if she’s not bailing her mum out of jail… She’s so stoked about starting high school this year!


Q. What’s your name and how old are you? A. I’m Alana Oakley. Friends are always saying I’m 12 going onto 24. But that’s because my mum is a bit of a danger magnet. Trouble finds her wherever she goes. It’s not really her fault – her two friends, Ling Ling and Katriona are the ones with all the crazy ideas. Dad passed away three years ago leaving me pretty much in charge… I mean, would you trust a person who got caught ‘liberating’ cage-bound chickens with your annual tax return? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Q. Do you have a best friend? A. Well, I’ve got three super close friends and we’re all in the same class at high school. I’ve known Sofia FOR-E-VER. We’ve even got photos of us together in nappies! She’s the most superstitious person I know. We once spent an entire lunch time looking for the four-leaf clover she dropped … on the football field! Maddie helped me through a tough time after my dad died. Her dad had died too and we hooked up at the local community radio station. She is A-MAZING on the violin. Khalilah is a new friend with a lot of spunk. She stood up against these bullies on the train when we were on our way to school on the first day. We’re not allowed to tell you what happened though otherwise her dad would never let her take the train again. I guess that’s fair enough; it can’t be easy moving to a new country from overseas.

Q. Do you have a pet? A. Shhh! Not so loud. My mum is nuts about animals and we used to take in all sorts of strays but it was a disaster! The cats ran away. The guinea pig had a heart attack. Our goat called Guts, died after eating a football. Grandma reckons the fish committed suicide. Don’t get me started on what happened to my hamster, Choo Choo…

Q. What do you like to do when you hang out? A. Well we all love music. I play guitar. Khalilah plays flute. Maddie plays violin, like I said, and Sofia is pretty hot on the drums. We’re thinking of putting a band together, one day… Three of us are on the school football team too. Khalilah said she might try out for goalie, which, between you and me, would be AWESOME. Sofia’s strategy of holding out one of her lucky talismans with her eyes closed DOES NOT stop goals.

Q. What are you looking forward to this year? A. It’s our first year at high school so we’re super hyped about that – new teachers, new subjects, and new friends. And Gibson High is an ‘alternative’ school so Sofia gets to keep her cool, purple dreads. We have visiting lecturers from industry come and teach us too, and we even run our own bakery – just don’t bother eating when Miller’s on duty (bleargh!) or if you do, don’t go to the clinic to see the school nurse. Last time I looked she had some poor sod wrapped up in bandages like a mummy after they complained of a sore knee! Talk about overkill! But one thing I am definitely, absolutely NOT looking forward to this year is my birthday. Why not? Let’s just say I’ve got the Fire Department on speed dial…

Oops, gotta go. Grandma’s brought over her specialty – fried SPAM – and I can hear Ling Ling and Katriona talking to mum about getting a tattoo…

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