Ann Howard

Ann Howard

Ann Howard loves life. She is an enthusiastic traveller and adventurer. She has ridden elephants through the Sumatran jungle; climbed Anak Krakatoa when part of it was erupting; made a 14,000 feet free-fall from a plane and rock climbed in Tahiti. She brings this enthusiasm to her writing and studying. She enjoys her grandchildren, her partner’s musical gift, her dogs, garden and a good single malt; not necessarily in that order.

Ann Howard lives in a heritage house she restored on Dangar Island in the Hawkesbury River, where the four-time, prize winning local histories she wrote are very popular.

Books by Ann Howard

In You’ll Be Sorry! Ann Howard honours grandmothers and mothers in a superb account of…

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‘In every coastal city in Australia this last fortnight, one question has run like a…

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