Remembrance Day – Understanding the Past and Stepping into the Future
Alys Jackson – On the Writing of The Land Belongs to Me
LATEST: “Duty Nobly Done has been selected for the Army’s Professional Military Education Reading List”
Buzz Words catches up with Katrina McKelvey
Are you going again? What to consider when having a second child
Buzz Words interviews Sandi Wooton
Military Spouses & Encouraging Conversations
Award-winning Author Catherine Bauer On Writing Dreaming Soldiers
The Catastrophe of 8 August 1918 – the German Perspective of the Battle of Amiens –
Dreaming Soldiers wins Speech Pathology Book of the Year – Indigenous Category.
The scorching of Timor-Leste
From the boardroom to the playground, The unconventional life of a children’s author on tour
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