BOOK REVIEW: Happiness is a Cloud by                       Barbara Braxton The Bottom Shelf Blog
BOOK REVIEW: Max Booth: Chip Blip by Barbara Braxton The Bottom Shelf Blog
Book Review by Cameron Macintosh: Nursery Crimes Case 1 (Baaa Baa Black Sheep – The Fleeced Fleece)
Big Sky Publishing is excited to announce the rights sale of, yet to be released, Atomic Salvation: How The A-Bomb Attacks Saved The Lives Of 32 Million People by Tom Lewis. The book will be published by Casemate Publishers in North America.
WA South West author reflects on a life of ‘Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures ‘ On Early Mornings with Barry Nicholls
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Barbara Braxton at the Bottom Shelf reviews Ginnie & Pinney Learn and Grow Series
Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures: Finding the Good When Things Seem Bad – Review by Barbara Braxton – The Bottom shelf
Carly Mills, Pioneer Girl by Jane Smith
Kids’ Book Review: Dreaming Soldiers by Catherine Bauer and Illustrated by Shane McGrath – Saturday, 25 April 2020
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