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Alana Oakley Book 3

Bloodlust and Blunders

Authors: Poppy Inkwell
Mystery; children
148mm x 210mm

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Alana Oakley is out for blood in this sassy sleuth’s latest adventure. Get ready to scream!

Alana Oakley suspects her new neighbours are vampires. All the signs are there: they are deathly pale, too good at everything, and laugh derisively at vampire-lore with a knowing mwah-ha-ha. Khalilah, Maddie and Sofia hope Alana is right – everything they’ve read about vampires sounds so very cool and the new neighbours are so very hot…

Despite her friends’ warped sensibilities, Alana is determined to reveal the neighbours’ bloody secret. If only her mum would stay out of trouble, Alana would have this mystery in the bag, but Emma is tangled up with Katriona and Ling Ling’s mission to Never Grow Old, avoid Chinatown’s resident loan shark, Fok Wee Mung, and meet Kylie Minogue.

Hard to know what Alana is dreading more this year: the kiss of immortality from a vampire or her mother throwing her a birthday party, but don’t bother asking the woman in Alana’s living room – she’s already dead…

Poppy Inkwell

Poppy Inkwell

Poppy Inkwell was born in the Philippines in 1970 and immigrated to Australia as a toddler. She grew up in Campbelltown, in Western Sydney, the youngest of three girls. She spent a year as an exchange student in Japan, graduated from the University of Sydney with a BA in Asian Studies and has worked in […]

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