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Assassination of the Butcher of Prague

Reynhard Herydrich Hitler's Protégé

Authors: David W. Cameron
History, WWII
153mm x 210mm

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Book #4 in the Shot of History Series

On 4 June 1942, one of the most powerful figurers of the Nazi Third Riech, Reinhard, Heydrich, the ‘Butcher of Prague’ and architect of the ‘Final solution’, died from wounds suffered in an assassination attempt carried out just days before. His death caused shockwaves in the Nazi State, and resulted in savage reprisals, with Hitler ordering the annihilation of two village populations thought to be involved in assisting the assassins. Thousands of others were sent to concentration camps where many were tortured and executed. The British trained Czech assassins, part of ‘Operation Anthropoid’, were eventually betrayed in their hideout in a Prague church. The initial battle to capture the Czech operatives in the choir stalls after many hours resulted in many German casualties. However, the German SS-troops and Gestapo soon realised another four operatives were in the vaults of the church, resulting in more fighting. Hitler ordered they be taken alive. This book provides a detailed and fascinating account of the assassination and subsequent events, hour by hour, and day by day.

David W. Cameron

David W. Cameron

David W. Cameron completed his PhD in 1995 and was subsequently awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Post Doctoral Fellowship at the Australian National University, followed by an ARC QEII Fellowship at the University of Sydney. He has published a number of books on Australian military history and science and over sixty research papers in […]

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