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Australia Remembers 2 HB

Customs and Traditions of the Australian Defence Force

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Authors: Allison Paterson
Customs and Traditions, Defence Force
230mm x 260mm

On Anzac Day and Remembrance Day, we gather at commemorative services and parades all over Australia
and the world. Did you know that at these events we can  see traditions that are thousands of years old? Have you
ever watched and wondered?

Why do some soldiers wear kilts? Why do servicemen and women salute? And why do they wear medals?

Australia Remembers: Customs and Traditions of the Australian Defence Force provides answers to the many questions, delving into the origins of the colourful customs and traditions visible on these important occasions. It explores the symbolism and the significance of such rituals in the lives of the Australians who have fought for their country and those who keep us safe today.

Praise for Australia Remembers 1: Anzac Day, Remembrance Day and War Memorials
Australia Remembers truly stands out like one of the tallest poppies in its field. (Romi Sharp, Just Kids Lit)

There are also questions to ponder and activities to do, all in all making this a superb contribution … (Barbara Braxton, The Bottom Shelf)

Allison Paterson

Allison Paterson

Allison Paterson is the author of the 2016 ABIA and CBCA longlisted title Anzac Sons: Five Brothers on the Western Front, the children’s version of her adult non-fiction title Anzac Sons: the Story of Five Brothers in the War to End All Wars. She has written four other children’s books, Granny’s Place and Shearing Time […]

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18 reviews for Australia Remembers 2 HB

  1. Australia Remembers 2: Customs and Traditions of the Australian Defence Force emanates an undeniable vibrancy, radiating with interactivity and facts to absorb. A significant book to share across the generations, and in generations to come. Highly recommended.

  2. … a treasure trove of rich narratives and facts … engaging, visually-outstanding and interactive.

  3. Real photos of events, customs and traditions throughout Australia sit alongside this information, making it more available for students to gain a deeper understanding of the text and link it to ‘real life’ … a book that will add value to any classroom and school library.

  4. The author makes a special effort to include schools and school kids in the book by referring to customs and traditions that may be part of the culture of the school or the family … a great resource for any primary school and local library and clearly outlines the customs and traditions of the Australian Defence Forces.

  5. The depth of information presented is extensive, but it’s presented exceptionally well, with colourful and engaging bite sized chapters that inform and captivate readers.

  6. What an exceptional resource … Every school library needs this book – it’s a national treasure!

  7. Australia Remembers gives a wonderful insight into Australia’s history, customs and traditions… a valuable resource for all libraries and schools.

  8. Clear, concise, perfectly pitched for primary students, informative, easy-to-read layout, WONDERFUL! Another winner!!

  9. There is so much I wasn’t aware of … we’ll definitely be using this book in our Anzac Day and Remembrance Day lessons. The layout and the images are just wonderful …

  10. Designed and beautifully written for our younger generation … a must have for all Primary and Secondary schools throughout Australia. This book answers all those questions you may have been too embarrassed to ask.

  11. What an honour and privilege to have access to such a book, and series, where all the hard work has been done to provide interesting and important historical information on Australia’s defence force customs. And not only do these books contain a treasure trove of rich narratives and facts, but done so in the most engaging, visually-outstanding and interactive way that draws young readers in for hours on end.

  12. Allison Paterson’s thorough coverage is penned in language made easily accessible and comprehensible for primary school-aged children, and the large and segmented text allowing the eye to rove and brain the space and time to digest the small bite-sized pieces of information. The ‘Fast Facts’ and ‘Did You Knows?’ are especially fun and mind-blowing inclusions for an enjoyable learning experience.

  13. Our impression of Australia Remembers 1: Anzac Day, Remembrance Day and War Memorials was described as ‘standing out like one of the tallest poppies in its field’; meaning this is an exemplary example of a non-fiction information text that both engages and catches the eye on such a high level. A resource that provides significant scope for primary school educators and parents to explore history and social studies, as well as the exploration of personal meaning and traditional relatability. Australia Remembers 2: Customs and Traditions of the Australian Defence Force equally emanates an undeniable vibrancy, radiating with interactivity and facts to absorb. A significant book to share across the generations, and in generations to come. Highly recommended.

  14. With hundreds of photos, easily accessible language and all the supports needed to navigate the text easily, this is a fascinating look behind the scenes enabling students to have a better understanding of not just the overall ceremony but why things are done the way they are. The author was a teacher librarian for over 20 years so she knows just what is needed to make a text student-friendly.

  15. In this new book, a companion to Australia Remembers the author has worked closely with the Department of Defence and History and Heritage units of the Navy, Army & RAAF to deliver answers to questions I have often been asked as a teacher on our major days of commemoration, Beginning with answering the question “Why do we have customs and traditions?, chapters address items such as mottos, codes, music, parades and drills, flags, banners and pennants, badges and awards, ranks, uniforms, animals and mascots and many other elements that go together to make up these special days. It is more than just pomp and pageantry – there is a story behind each story!

  16. Older reluctant readers who are fascinated by war will find this an engaging and informative read … With Anzac Day 2021 on the horizon, this book would be a valuable resource to share with students or family members … A worthwhile resource for a school or public library … highly recommended.

  17. This is an excellent series of children’s publications catering for a mid-primary to early secondary school audience. They are ideal for parents to introduce their young families to important aspects of our history and traditions. The chapters are invariably quite brief and deal with a single aspect. They include quotes from Defence Force veterans and young children, multiple illustrations and photographs, and directive questions. Included are pages of activities, a short glossary, index, and bibliography that contains online resources, acknowledgements as well as notes on the respective author.

  18. From the different services, various uniforms and ranks, flags, ceremonial parades, saluting, badges and medals, and our past – all aspects of customs and traditions and their need within the ADF have been examined and very simply explained.

    The publisher should be truly proud of these wonderful publications.

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