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Australia Remembers 4 PB

The Bombing of Darwin

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Authors: Tom Lewis
RAAF, History
230mm x 260mm


The story of the biggest air raid in Australia’s history – the bombing of Darwin February, 1942.
All young Australians should know the story of how our own nation was at war in World War II. Dr Tom Lewis OAM brings to life the history of the hundreds of air attacks Australians endured at the hands of the Japanese forces. Following on from his success with previous forensic accounts for adults, Australia Remembers 4: The Bombing of Darwin 1942 brings young readers all the essential facts.

Read how Zero fighters battled American Kittyhawks; Betty bombers rained destruction from the skies, and Allied defenders battled bravely to defend Australia.

Praise for the series:

“Australia Remembers truly stands out like one of the tallest poppies in its field”. – (Romi Sharp, Just Kids Lit)

“There are also questions to ponder and activities to do, all in all making this a superb contribution …”  – (Barbara Braxton, The Bottom Shelf)

Tom Lewis

Tom Lewis

A retired naval officer and high school teacher, Dr Tom Lewis OAM served in the Australian Defence Force, where he saw active service as an intelligence analyst in the Middle East. Tom has written 21 history books, with his most recent being “The Sinking of HMAS Sydney”, which focuses on living, fighting and dying in […]

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3 reviews for Australia Remembers 4 PB

  1. This is a detailed and carefully researched account of enemy attacks on Australian territory during the Second World War. The theme is clearly presented with appropriate maps, pictures and commentary. It should be read by every Australian.

  2. This is an excellent series of children’s publications catering for a mid-primary to early secondary school audience. They are ideal for parents to introduce their young families to important aspects of our history and traditions. The chapters are invariably quite brief and deal with a single aspect. They include quotes from Defence Force veterans and young children, multiple illustrations and photographs, and directive questions. Included are pages of activities, a short glossary, index, and bibliography that contains online resources, acknowledgements as well as notes on the respective author.

  3. The publisher should be truly proud of these wonderful publications.

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