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Australiana Book Pack

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Two beautifully illustrated books bringing Australia’s past to life for young readers. Granny’s Place is a touching tale of family ties and the treasures of the past. Shearing Time`is a charming story reflecting on life on a the farm in earlier days. By award-winning author.

GRANNY’S PLACE by Allison Paterson, Illustrated by Shane McGrath

Granny’s Place is a touching, whimsical tale of family ties and the special place a grandparent has in the heart of a child.

Granny and Pa’s farm was the best place in the world, brimming with treasures of the past and endless adventures to be had … but time brings change.

Regardless of uncertainty, there is an enduring love for Granny, and special childhood memories to be cherished forever.

Delightful illustrations bring the past to life and capture the fun of cousins gathering in a country kitchen and planning adventures amongst the beauty of rural Australia in the 1960’s.

Granny’s Place enriches both the understanding of the time and Australia’s past identity, through a wonderful story that celebrates the special bond between grandparent and child.


The targeted early childhood audience will share in the delight of adventure while gently being encouraged to accept that change comes with the rhythms of life.

“Granny’s Place is a beautiful story showing three generations of family and the love that binds them. It is also a story about loss, dealt with in a caring and sensitive manner, reminding us of the preciousness of family and memories that live on.”Julieann Wallace – Writers Ink


SHEARING TIME by Allison Paterson, Illustrated by Shane McGrath

Shearing time is the best time of the year! Told through the eyes of a child, Shearing Time is a charming and evocative story that captures the author’s delight as her family work together during one of their most significant annual tasks. Sunrise to sunset there are sheep with attitude, a shed of shearers, dogs with personality, motorbikes and a country kitchen to open the door on the life of a country kid.

Shearing Time reflects the experience of rural children while providing an opportunity for early childhood readers to both appreciate that the lives of others are different to their own, to understand concepts related to the Australian farming experience and to engage with a delightful, accessible narrative of times past. Childhood memories and experiences bring the past to life!

Alison Paterson’s sensory descriptions bring these warm memories to life… A great resource for the Early Years History and Social Sciences, comparing how family life and places change over time.” – ReadPlus on Granny’s Place


Allison Marlow Paterson

Allison Marlow Paterson

Allison Marlow Paterson is the author of the 2016 ABIA and CBCA longlisted title Anzac Sons: Five Brothers on the Western Front, the children’s version of the adult non-fiction title Anzac Sons: the Story of Five Brothers in the War to End All Wars. Both are based on a collection of over 500 letters sent […]

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Illustrator Shane McGrath

Illustrator Shane McGrath

Shane McGrath is a talented artist/illustrator from Melbourne. His mum says he was always talented (all mum’s say that) and one of the first artworks Shane made was when he bit his toast in the shape of a horse. He always loved drawing pictures and reading books, especially Where the Wild Things Are and Asterix […]

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