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Avoiding the Ageing Parent Trap

An expert's guide to navigating elder care, finance and the law

Authors: Brian Herd
Family, Parenting
153mm x 230mm


Winner of the 2021 Australasian Journal on Ageing (AJA) Book Award.

An invaluable guide.” – Noel Whittaker, International bestselling author and finance writer

“Informative, inspiring, insightful … this is the essential family guide to navigating elder care and preparing for ageing parents.’’

Informative and insightful, this is the essential family guide to preparing for ageing parents.

This is a book that forces us to confront what most of us avoid – planning for our ageing parents. Our natural inclination is to wait and see what might happen. But when it does happen or starts to unfold, most families are unprepared, and the results can be devastating.

Poor decisions, disputes with siblings and partners and the destruction of relationships can be the aftermath. Author Brian Herd should know, recognised as one of Australia’s leading experts in the areas of elder law, and aged care for over 35 years, he has dealt with the fallout from these failures in families.

Avoiding the Ageing Parent Trap is packed full of practical strategies for dealing with family dynamics and managing financial and legal affairs, the overriding goal, is to forewarn and forearm you about your family’s future.

This book is your go-to resource for:
• Information and practical case studies to support families in their legal, financial, and healthcare decision-making.
• Easy to read and commonsense advice from a leading elder care lawyer, with hands-on experience and examples to demonstrate what to expect, and even better, how to plan and prepare.
• Help navigating the best outcomes for aging parents, from estate planning to Centrelink, residential aged care, wills, and financial pitfalls to avoid.

Brian outlines practical strategies for dealing with family dynamics and avoiding the pitfalls. He recounts numerous hair-raising examples of bad ‘family planning’ and even better, what to expect, and how to plan and prepare.

Praise for the Book
“a no-holds-barred, frank call to action for both parents and children to confront the well-trodden but often unpredictable course of our life’s journey – particularly towards the end, or as Brian would say, ‘our celestial transfer’.” – Age Discrimination Commissioner Kay Patterson

“When I read Brian’s wise words, I felt like Alice in Wonderland gazing in amazement at the litany of rabbit holes and traps for young (and old) travellers in the strange and complicated world of ageing and aged care. I now appreciate the plethora of potential pitfalls that my family and friends face and will encourage them to act now!” Dr Greg Timbrell, Higher Education Advisory, Queensland University of Technology

This insight-inducing book delves into recesses of our future lives that many of us should recognise in order to avoid … Pitfalls and perilous progressions are artfully described in an entertaining yet very serious guidebook on life as the adult child parenting parents. Avoid reading this at your peril or approach this aspect of your future armed with the great wisdom Brian Herd offers to educate you. Your choice, now or later.” – Dr Anthony French FRACP, Geriatrician, Brisbane

“An engaging and insightful read – Brian unapologetically calls a spade a spade; not afraid to delve into complex issues and emotions that (on occasion) can make you cringe. He presents real-life, and often confronting scenarios while offering the kind of sage advice that comes only from years of experience, practice and self-reflection. Brian expertly navigates a challenging and ever changing landscape with ease and aplomb.”– Joanna Lezanski, Relationships Australia

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Brian Herd

Brian Herd

Brian Herd is a passionate lawyer, working in the frontier of elder law, or law relating to older people and their families, involving the new dynamic emerging in families – disputes and dysfunction brought on by ageing parents. He was exposed to the simmering issues some 20 years ago in his first visit to a […]

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