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Avoiding the Ageing Parent Trap

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Authors: Brian Herd
Family, Parenting
153 x 234

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This is a book that forces us to confront what most of us avoid – planning for our ageing parents. Our natural inclination is to wait and see what might happen. But when it does happen, or starts to unfold, most families are unprepared and the results can be devastating.

Poor decisions, disputes with siblings and partners and the destruction of relationships can be the aftermath. Brian should know, as a lawyer working in this area for over 20 years, he has dealt with the fallout from these failures in families.

Packed full of information to support families in their legal, financial and healthcare decision-making, Brian outlines
practical strategies for dealing with family dynamics and avoiding the pitfalls. He recounts numerous hair-raising examples of bad ‘family planning’ and even better, what to expect, and how to plan and prepare.

Avoiding the Ageing Parent Trap is an essential and commonsense guide from a leading elder care lawyer to help you navigate the best outcomes for you, your parents, and your family.

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Brian Herd

Brian Herd

Brian Herd is a passionate lawyer, working in the frontier of elder law, or law relating to older people and their families, involving the new dynamic emerging in families – disputes and dysfunction brought on by ageing parents. He was exposed to the simmering issues some 20 years ago in his first visit to a […]

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12 reviews for Avoiding the Ageing Parent Trap

  1. “My book is working. It is doing what I intended – to motivate families to confront the future of their ageing parents. It has given a new contemporary meaning to family planning. Just in the last week, as a result of reading my book, and using my family planning agenda, I have had three family planning meetings with different families to nut out and resolve simmering issues about the futures of their mums and dads. They have all said it is not just a relief to confront it together, but to be better informed about the options and to find a path forward.”

  2. My copy came in the post yesterday. Brilliant read & like Sandra, can’t put it down!

  3. Avoiding family implosion by addressing numerous issues before big personal and financial decisions are made.
    An Incredibly helpful but incredibly confronting book Brian – Thankyou

  4. I have a slightly eerie feeling that the universe was telling me something by sending your book my way ! ( just kidding, I don’t believe any of that nonsense) but I’m very relieved that I had access to this advice just before I and my two siblings( and our widowed 92 year old mum) embark on changes which potentially have huge personal and financial implications. As far as I can see, we are about to make “ every mistake in the book” and I am determined that none of these terrible and distressing scenarios occur in our family.

  5. A brilliant interview. She said she cannot wait to buy the book.

  6. One of the most valuable and interesting reads I’ve had in years. congratulations on a timely and highly valuable work, and for being a “cool” boomer😊’

  7. I have just started on your Ageing Parent Trap book – an excellent piece of work. Congratulations!

  8. Listened to Brian interviewed on Radio National and the advice that he was giving resonated with me. The book is packed full of information, much of which we’ve been struggling to find or understand and there it was packed into one book. I also found the book easy to read, case studies and humour just helped to get the message across. The book has now made it’s way around our family so in some ways we avoided having any more of our ‘around in circles’ conversations and now are really moving forward with our plans with and for mum and dad. thank YOU.

  9. A must read for adult children and their aging parents.

  10. It is incredible information for the whole family to read and understand as there is a lot of valuable information to take in and understand. Information that can save a lot of problems for the family, sadly when parents pass on.

  11. This book is a wonderfully written , timely book as those is us in our latter years can take wise advice.

  12. An acurate written book of great value by an experienced ‘Elder Law’ lawyer with unparalleled experience. The many case studies detailed within the book makes understanding predicaments

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