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Awesome Animals Dogs

fun facts and amazing stories

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Authors: Dianne (Di) Bates
children's short stories, animals, dogs,
234mm x 152mm

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The Awesome Animals series features fascinating stories about animals from all over the world. Each beautifully styled book contains true stories and amazing facts about our best-loved pets: dogs, cats & horses.

Featuring lots of gorgeous illustrations combined with images of the adorable dogs and cats from Best Friends Rescue and Little Legs Cat Rescue, these books are loaded with information and interesting facts. The inclusion of real-life images and stories of the charismatic animals from pet rescue organisations adds another level of education and inspiration.

Aimed at children 8 to 12 years of age, with a average reading age of 10, this series will appeal to both the trade and educational markets, with kids sure to enjoy the entertaining combination of interesting and bizarre facts and stories and wacky jokes and verse.

Dianne (Di) Bates

Dianne (Di) Bates

Dianne (Di) Bates has published 120+ books. Some of Di’s books have won national and state literary awards; others have sold overseas. Di has received Grants and Fellowships from the Literature Board of the Australia Council and has toured for the National Book Council. Di has worked on the editorial team of a number of […]

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1 review for Awesome Animals Dogs

  1. Dianne Bates and Sophie Scahill have produced a handy, bookshelf friendly series of Awesome Animal books that present eager young readers with a mindboggling array of facts, figures, trivia, and fun stories for a menagerie of animals … I guarantee readers will learn something new each time they delve into these books … A brilliant, value-laden gift idea if ever there was one.

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