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Backup is Three Hours Away

A raw account of remote area policing

Authors: Mark "Trigger" Tregellas
Police Force, True Crime
153mm x 230mm

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Embark on a gripping adventure with Mark ‘Trigger’ Tregellas in Backup is Three Hours Away, a true crime memoir chronicling nearly three decades of policing Victoria’s remote coastal region. Trigger never knew what each shift would bring – tragedy, laughter, adventure, danger – sometimes all on the same day.

Trigger’s personal journey, fuelled by a thirst for adventure and special forces training, led him to the frontline of policing. He faced life-threatening situations and earned commendation for his exceptional and courageous service, recognition that came at a personal cost. Through Trigger’s career he sustained severe injuries, including a broken spine, a gunshot wound to the face and PTSD.
Trigger delves into encounters with peril, unexpected twists, and heartbreaking moments, shedding light on the motivations that drive officers to willingly confront the unknown. Despite the physical and mental toll, his story is one of triumph, showcasing a resilient mindset honed through exhaustive training and the overcoming of life’s challenges, including a brush with cancer.

Backup is Three Hours Away is a genuine portrayal of policing, from the unpredictable and humorous moments, to heart-wrenching tragedy. Trigger’s narrative transcends the typical law enforcement tale, revealing indomitable human spirit and resilience – a powerful and inspirational testament to the highs and lows of a career dedicated to service.

Testimonial: For anyone who has dreamt about going on a cop ‘ride-along’ to see what really happens on a shift – this book is for you! Thirty years of policing in some of the most remote and inhospitable areas in Australia, condensed into 60 bite-sized chapters, ranging from: Diving headfirst into a speeding boat while 3 kilometres offshore to arrest poachers, outwitting a career criminal with links to terrorists, subduing three Nazi-linked extremists from attacking a young girl late at night while dressed only in pyjamas, locating a decapitated head up a tree still encased in a motorcycle helmet. Traumatic, dramatic, suspenseful and at times farcical. Then there are the multiple bravery awards! There is a thin line that separates bravery from recklessness when risking your life to save others. But when you are trained, dedicated, intelligent and resourceful, members of the Thin Blue Line are ready, willing and able to take those calculated risks. Mark “Trigger” Tregellas has faced the demons and lived to tell the tale! – Richard Rolfe AM Vice Patron – Australian Bravery Association

Mark “Trigger” Tregellas

Mark “Trigger” Tregellas

Mark ‘Trigger’ Tregellas is a former Victorian police officer. From teenage athlete, world adventurer, and martial artist, Mark’s thirst for adventure led him to serve in the special forces reserves and to policing. Stationed in remote towns over 26 years, Trigger spent most of his policing career working closely with three other officers. Amongst his […]

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