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Belly Button Fluff HB

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Illustrator: Dave Atze
Picture book, humour
230mm x 260mm

Scarlett Von Scruff is a little girl who loves to collect weird stuff. Now she’s discovered something fluffy, soft and a little bit smelly in Dad’s belly button and she wants to find more. No belly is safe as Scarlett goes on a fun-filled, fluff-gathering adventure. So, kick off your shoes and lay on the couch, let’s have a look in your tummy pouch.

Dave Atze

Dave Atze

This is the story of an ordinary boy… when he was a kid everyone thought he was quite odd. Always drawing quirky things and talking in funny voices while he drew. Until one day he stumbled across a weird looking pencil stuck in a sharpener. On the sharpener it read: whomever pulleth this pencil from […]

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7 reviews for Belly Button Fluff HB

  1. Book Chat: Dave Atze
    Firstly, a little about Dave: he’s an illustrator from South Australia, who has produced artwork for a wide range of media including video games, advertising, comic books, kids books and toys. The first book he illustrated, Don’t shut the door, written by Matthew Nicholls, was published in 2017. That same year, I was rapt to discover that Dave was going to be illustrating the Max Booth series. It’s been a huge privilege to work with Dave on the series and see his perceptive and hilarious illustrations take shape. I’m really excited to welcome Dave to Book Chat.

  2. Belly Button Fluff by Dave Atze is SUCH a fun story, and I have four
    reasons why!

    1. The main character’s name is Scarlett Von Scruff. Such a cool name
    and totally fits Scarlett’s look and character.

    2. Dave’s pictures, as always, are amazing and super fun, but this is
    also his first crack at doing the whole writing AND illustrating thing.
    Dave’s sense of humour shines through, as does his determination to
    create amazing books kids will love.

    3. The story is fun, and a little bit gross (which is SO good, fuzzy gut
    holes is my favourite line), but it also gives kids guidance to look
    outside the square, to not just see something for what it is, but for
    what it can be.

    4. The little dust bunny poking its head up throughout the story is

    Belly Button Fluff is a super fun entry into the world of writing for
    Dave Atze, and combined with his illustrations, will no doubt have kids
    laughing and poking around in their grandparents’ belly buttons for

  3. “Belly button fluff is a funny and entertaining book to read. Our 3 girls loved the humour and adventures that Miss Scarlett went on. A must have for the bookshelf at home.

  4. A classic comical outtake that touches on the typical relationship between a child and parent where the “nothing is scared” rule applies. Another great Dave Atze illustrated child’s book that always entertains and delights.

  5. Such a vibrant book with little quirks like the cute dust bunny. Who knew belly button fluff could be so much fun!

  6. Kids need to have fun when they read and Dave Atze has provided no shortage fun, excitement and opportunities for young readers to establish a love of learning with his fun-loving first book!

    Dave Atze’s brilliant, vibrant and wonderfully imaginative illustrations have been a hit with my kids for years. Now, they get to enjoy his quirky, cheeky and playful language as they are taken on a journey with Scarlett in her search for Belly Button Fluff!

  7. “A fantastic read. With Belly Button Scruff, Dave Atze tells one heck of a yarn. The fluffy adventures of Scarlett Von Scruff are both humorous and endearing, leaving the reader with a satisfaction akin to a good belly rub.”

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