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Butt Blast, Yucky Disgustingly Gross Icky Short Stories

Butt Blast

Authors: Susan Berran
Children's, short stories, YDG series
197mm x 128mm

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A fun, action-packed, supersized, seriously gross series by the bestselling author of the ‘’Freaky’’ series– Susan Berran
The latest book in this hilarious series will have parents running for cover, and kids screaming for more …

First there was Booga Blast, next we had Barf Blast and now Book number 3 in the Yucky Disgusting series is ready to roll.

Just when you thought it was safe … out comes Book 3 – Butt Blast. Featuring hilarious stories that ponder the big questions such as, How can my butt smell when it doesn’t have a nose? Full of yucky, gross and totally disgusting encounters, this book have kids screaming with laughter and parents shaking with dread!

Susan Berran

Susan Berran

Susan Berran is a successful children’s illustrator and author who loves encouraging kids to read and write. Her books are packed with plenty of fun, action and ‘gross stuff’ – the perfect formula to get kids laughing and reading. She is a passionate advocate for children’s literacy and has a long association with various writer […]

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