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Campfire for the Heart

Stories of Resilience

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Authors: Natalie Stockdale
Mind, Body, Spirit
140mm x 210mm

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Do you ever wonder….

how other people cope with trauma, grief and tragedy?
how other people rise from their lows?
how other people find peace after pain?

Campfire for the Heart answers these questions through powerful and compelling, true stories of human resilience.
By learning how other people have converted their darkest times to personal growth and success, you may discover how you too can learn and grow from your hardships, how you can be the hero of your journey, or help others in theirs.

The stories cover a vast range of life experiences from the death of children, violence, Taliban terror and wrongful imprisonment, to droughts, bushfires, cyclones, diseases, injuries, disabilities and trauma from military, police and humanitarian work.

The storytellers are mostly unknown heroes of their personal journeys, while others are well-known champions of resilience – Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, celebrity chef Matt Golinski, Steve Parish OAM and Gayle Shann – while cave-diving legend and Co-Australian of the Year 2019, Dr Craig Challen, opens the book with a foreword.

The ‘campfire’ stories are beyond inspiring. They stretch your perception of resilience, restore your love of humanity and illuminate pathways to happiness for us all.

Natalie Stockdale

Natalie Stockdale

Natalie believes that hardships are an inevitable and essential part of life experience that shape our character and enrich our lives. How we handle our hardships is a choice. Although educated in Melbourne, Natalie has lived mostly in rural, remote and coastal areas of Australia, accumulating a life rich of challenges and experience. From teaching, […]

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12 reviews for Campfire for the Heart

  1. It has been my personal experience that through candour and the simple sharing of the truth that we can collectively create hope, and change. So, I absolutely commend Natalie on this beautiful project of stories of such hope.

  2. Campfire for the Heart, an amazing book by Natalie Stockdale, is a book for all ages. It is inspiring and resilient. I hope this book becomes a runaway success.

  3. With Campfire for the Heart, Natalie Stockdale has assembled a broad and thought-provoking collection that shares the often-traumatic experiences of a range of remarkable Australians, including her own. Delivered with humanity, intelligence, compassion and empathy, these stories become more than a record. They form a humbling and inspiring pathway towards a way of being that is elementally uplifting, despite – and in many ways because of – being born of suffering.

  4. The human brain is wired to recite and hear great stories…………. Natalie Stockdale has created the ultimate oxy-bomb within her collection of inspirational stories of resilience and perseverance. With the alarming statistics around male suicide, I’m personally grateful to Natalie for bringing the thoughts, feelings and experiences of 30 men and women, to her symbolic campfire. Thank you Natalie.

  5. When we share stories, spoken directly from our heart, they can have a profound effect on those listening. The ‘campfire’ stories, collected by Natalie Stockdale, expose the raw vulnerability of humans, along with our capacity to conquer our darkest times. Compelling and healing.

  6. Campfire for the Heart offers rich, diverse, and sometimes raw stories of resilience, which will inspire and perhaps guide any reader. The stories are so effective because they speak to our shared humanity, each in their own way. We are reminded, again and again, how frail we are as a species, but also how extraordinarily capable we are at surviving, and even thriving, against all odds. While some stories may resonate more with the reader than others, all have elements of grace, humility and strength. May the cup of your heart be filled with these.

  7. Campfire for the Heart provides a gut-wrenching compilation of stories where those who have encountered their worst nightmare are able to not only recount how they survived, but often how they thrived in the face of seemingly unbearable tragedy.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Campfire for the Heart by Natalie Stockdale. I never grow tired of reading stories of how individuals overcome hardships and disasters in life through finding an inner strength to carry on. Each story is unique in their own struggle and I can identify with many of the feelings encountered by the story tellers. I find the book uplifting and emotive and love that I am able to relate to the stories told. I just want to share this book with everyone I know, there are lessons here to be learnt for individuals of any age and gender. Can’t wait for the next book!

  9. Natalie has got a passion for people’s true life stories that go deep beyond what people usually share. The concept of sharing around a Campfire is so well needed in our world. When we open our hearts and listen attentively, we create a space for healing – it is simpler than many anticipate – and such a sacred experience, where both parties are blessed and connected on a deep level. I had a sacred moment like that with Natalie in person, when we met in a pool in Airlie Beach – such serendipity… I can highly recommend her book; so worth the read!

  10. No one is immune to life’s adversities. Campfire for the Heart is a compilation of true stories about life’s struggles and hardships. Well done Natalie Stockdale for sharing these stories about resilience with your readers.

  11. A wonderful collection of inspiring, Australian short stories. I highly recommend it.

  12. Once you settle in to read Campfire for the Heart, you’ll probably devour it in a single sitting – each story is as thought-provoking and inspiring as the one you read before. Dr Craig Challen’s foreword outlines a toolkit for equipping yourself with ways to live in peace, and each storyteller shows how they’ve done just that. From sharing how they dealt with tragedy, grief, loss, illness or injury to getting out of precarious situations they never saw coming, each storyteller provides inspiration and hope, leaving you in awe of just how resilient and tenacious we can be in the face of adversity. By sharing her own story, Natalie adds humility, empathy and understanding. An interesting and inspiring book. Loved it!

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