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Carly Mills Pioneer Girl – Superstar #3


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Authors: Jane Smith
Adventure Series for Girls
128mm x 198mm

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This does more than acknowledge our female trailblazers. It teaches our daughters about them in a delightful and entertaining way. Gold! – Madonna King, author and journalist.

When Carly Mills goes to Melbourne with the school choir, she gets more than she bargained for: a trip back in time and a chance meeting with a mischievous little girl who might just grow up to be the world famous opera singer, Dame Nellie Melba. If Carly is to help the little girl achieve her dream, she will have to endure Nellie’s practical jokes, an angry headmaster, and her father’s belief that opera is not a fit career for a lady. Not to mention Simone’s bad moods and Dora’s terrible singing.

Praise for the book:

‘I highly recommend the series as enjoyable reads and as supporting texts for the Australian Curriculum.’

‘A groundbreaking new time-travelling fiction adventure series that celebrates the courage and contribution of some of world’s most inspiring pioneering women!’


In this empowering new series feisty tween and time-traveller Carly Mills discovers how the female pioneers paved the way to help change the world. Through gutsy determination, integrity and courage, trailblazing women such as Caroline Chisholm, Dr Lilian Cooper, Dame Nellie Melba, Florence Nightingale, Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie and Miles Franklin achieved remarkable things. In each adventure, Carly and her friends learn about the past and discover how to apply their examples of dignity, kindness and courage to modern life.

Book 4 – The lady with the lamp – Florence Nightingale –June 2021
Thrust back into London of over a hundred years ago, when girls
were not allowed to have real careers, Carly meets one woman who is
about to change it all: Florence Nightingale.

Book 5 – Taking flight – Amelia Earhart – September 2021
Carly and her friends find themselves back in the past, fighting for
equality alongside one of history’s most charming rebels: Amelia

Jane Smith

Jane Smith

  Author and librarian Jane Smith has a passion for Australian history and bushrangers in particular. With thirteen books on the subject published since 2014, and with titles receiving award nominations in the ABIA and CBCA awards and glowing reviews nationally it appears that Jane’s fascination with Australian history is shared by children, parents and […]

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3 reviews for Carly Mills Pioneer Girl – Superstar #3

  1. This is the third in this series, written for newly-independent readers who are interested in learning about the lives of women who have shaped history With a mix of fictional characters like Carly and real-life women it brings them alive in a more personal way through the narrative and showing how what the characters learn can be applied to the modern world. With her own website, and a host of resources for teachers and students, this is a series that will appeal to young girls in a similar way that Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy appeals to young boys.

  2. This is a fun little series, and one that I am thoroughly enjoying reading it. Jane Smith has made everything work seamlessly together, allowing the history and fiction to come together to educate as well as telling a rollicking good story that will capture the imaginations of readers. I love that these books celebrate the achievements of women throughout history in all areas – the arts, science, medicine, politics, and everything else we can think of, and I would love to see some of those women whose names might not be as widely known appear as well. Filled with fun but also a hefty dose of reality, these books also deliver the realities of discrimination and the changing role of women in history whilst still making history accessible for younger readers. It shows that despite changes, these prejudices still exist, and women are still fighting them but sometimes in different ways.

  3. This is a cleverly created piece of historical fiction which brings to life some outstanding role models for young readers, in this case Dame Nellie Melba. So often history is taught as dates, times, and places, however, Jane Smith has given us the social context which breathes life into what can at times be a rather detached experience of learning about our past.

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