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Living with Stillbirth

Authors: Liza Jankowski

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When is the sound of your own heartbeat the

most devastating sound you will hear?

When you are searching for the heartbeat of your unborn baby.

The loss of a child is the most devastating event a parent can face. In this moving memoir Liza Jankowski, the mother of four children, two boys and two still born girls, shares her experience with stillbirth and the effects that go far beyond what people could ever imagine.

The mother of four children, two boys and two still born girls, Liza Jankowski knows that the effects of stillbirth go far beyond what people could ever imagine. Dreams are destroyed. Lives are changed forever. The loss can seem too hard to bear.

After a trouble-free pregnancy, Liza’s first daughter Olivia was declared dead at 41 weeks. Devastated and racked by guilt after deciding not to have the baby induced earlier, Liza was desperate for comfort and answers. If only? Why? What if? Her mind exploded with questions and she felt isolated and alone in her grief.

In this emotive personal account, Liza shares her inner-most thoughts and feelings about the loss of a desperately loved daughter and how that loss changed her whole being. She discusses the impact on her relationships, her subsequent pregnancy and what she ultimately learned: devastating as it is, life does get better and the pain will ease. Changed is a powerful combination of a mother’s personal journey and helpful information that will offer comfort, hope and understanding. It is also the story of a mother’s love for a child that remains long after separation and death.

“CHANGED- Living with Stillbirth” that’s the name of a new book just launched and written by an Adelaide mother ( Liza Jankowski).

One of the things we are often asked by bereaved parents is “are there any other parents who have written about their experience”, and we have been fortunate enough to have many families provide articles for publication through our newsletters and website.

This is an intimate and personal story of a mother and her experience in two Stillbirths, the impact on personal relationships, the strength of the family and friends, subsequent successful birth and the life lessons that have ultimately changed her life.

This book grabs you immediately and for those who have experienced a child loss then there will be a realisation of all the elements around that tragedy and the struggle to initially “survive” before finding new hope. It’s nearly 10 years now, but Liza is the first to acknowledge it seems like yesterday.

For any Health Professional reading this, this is a must read book not only for your personal development but also a measure of understanding what someone who has experienced a child death is going through and to gain some insight into the emotions that arise and the support that should be provided.

“Personally and on behalf of SIDS and Kids SA, I would commend this book to you.”Peter Papps SIDS and Kids South Australia

Liza Jankowski

Liza Jankowski

Liza Jankowski lives in Adelaide with her husband and two boys. She works as a part-time pharmacist and has volunteered as a parent support worker with SIDS and Kids in Adelaide since 2010. Liza is hopeful her book will provide comfort and hope to bereaved parents and also help health professionals looking to gain a […]

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