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Cloaked in Bravery

A Rescue Mission Like No Other

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Authors: Tony Matthews
History, War
153mm x 230mm

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Experience the extraordinary journey of a woman who risked everything to follow her man into battle in a desperate attempt to rescue him from the death that inevitably beckoned. Christian, driven by an unwavering devotion to her missing husband, cast aside her comfortable life, family, and even her children to venture into the heart of battle.

Disguised as a man, a common foot-soldier, Christian embraced the chaos and carnage of European history’s bloodiest conflicts. With a fiery spirit and indomitable courage, she fought alongside men, facing musket-fire, swords, and cannonballs, all in a quest to ensure her husband’s survival. Her rollicking good humour, captivating charm, and steely-eyed determination endeared her to comrades and enemies alike.

Christian’s selflessness knew no bounds. Despite enduring grave wounds, she refused to be deterred, persevering through unimaginable pain. She embodied the strength of a man and the passion of a woman, fearlessly aiding wounded comrades on the battlefield, regardless of the peril she faced.

Unveiling a hidden gem of military history, Cloaked in Bravery reveals the compelling tale of a remarkable woman whose devotion and valour transcended the confines of gender. Prepare to be captivated by Christian Davies, as her story unveils a love so powerful it defied all odds.

Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews is a Queensland author who has dedicated almost his entire adult life to writing and researching Australian history. He also writes extensively on military and espionage history with a specific emphasis on both world wars. He is the author of more than thirty books including several historical novels.

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5 reviews for Cloaked in Bravery

  1. This is a historically accurate story about tHhe life of Christian Davies from 1667 to 1739. Christian joined the army dressed as a man to allow her to search for her missing husband, leaving her young children in others’ care. She was a strong, determined woman who reluctantly gave up army life only after her actual sex was found out.
    I found her story to be interesting. My dad would have loved reading this book, being a war history buff. Thank you ‘Beauty & Lace Bookclub’ for the opportunity to read ‘Cloaked in Bravery by Tony Mathews’.

  2. I ended up reading this book by accident as it was sent to me instead of another one.
    This lady must have been very strong to join the army as she did to look for her husband. Not many would have the fortitude she has.

  3. Tony has done a huge amount of research into war in Europe and the UK during the late 1600 and early 1700s. There is a lot of detail that would interest those who enjoy reading of battles and tactics and strategies.
    The principal character is a woman, Christian Davies, who disguised herself as a man and participated in many of these battles. Much of her story is based on facts gleaned from her diary, though there is the possibility that she didn’t write all of it. Her story is one of toughness, courage, cleverness, violence, determination, love and initiative. She became very well known, not just for her skill in fighting and her temper, but for her ability to scavenge supplies and make money. A most unusual woman! It is great to see her story told and have insight into ordinary life in those days. I enjoy stories about women who achieved extraordinary things but who have had little recognition.

  4. The historical details and the love and devotion Christian had for her husband make this an interesting read. You are captivated by the story to find out exactly what becomes of Richard and Christian as individuals and as a couple.
    Lovers of history, strong women and unusual romances will enjoy this book.
    Tony Matthews has written many other books about unusual and not well-known aspects of war.
    The books mentioned at the end of Cloaked in Bravery sound rather interesting, and I will definitely be reading them too.

  5. For those who love a true tale of free spirits, of courange and enterprise, then Christian Davies’ story is just such an adventure.

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