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Cold War Warriors

Royal Australian Air Force P-3 Orion Operations 1968-1991

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Authors: Ian Pearson
RAAF, History
220mm x 285mm

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Cold War Warriors tells the little-known story of the operations by the Royal Australian Air Force’s P-3 Orions during the latter years of the Cold War. The aircraft’s largely low-profile missions, usually flown far from their base, were often shrouded by confidentiality. Now, access to declassified documents has allowed this story to be told. From the lead-up to their delivery in 1968, to the end of the Cold War in 1991; from the intrigues associated with the procurement of the aircraft and subsequent upgrades, to perilous moments experienced by the aircraft and their crews while conducting operations; and from triumphs to tragedies; Cold War Warriors documents the P-3’s service in the RAAF in the context of the unfolding domestic and international events that shaped the aircraft’s evolving missions. As well as being a story of the RAAF Orions and their growing capabilities, Cold War Warriors is also the story of the crews who flew the aircraft. Using their words, Cold War Warriors faithfully describes a number of incidents, both on the ground, and in the air, to provide a sense of the enormous breadth of service the P-3 Orion has provided to the Royal Australian Air Force, to Australia and to our allies.

Ian Pearson

Ian Pearson

Ian Pearson joined the Royal Australian Air Force as a cadet aircrew in 1976. After navigator training, he served with 10 Squadron (two postings), 11 Squadron (on attachment), and postings to 292 Squadron and Headquarters 92 Wing. His subsequent postings included Director of the Office of the Chief of Air Force, Defence Adviser Singapore, Director […]

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3 reviews for Cold War Warriors

  1. Sourced from detailed unit histories, government records, pilot logs, and as told by the men who flew, crewed, and maintained the ubiquitous P-3’s, this comprehensive book exposes everything you could possibly want to know about the development, service and personnel associated with the P-3 Orions during the Cold War era.

  2. Covering parliamentary reporting, plagues of engine problems, and endless on-board electrical fires, we also learn of ‘cat-and-mouse’ intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) sorties against a persistent Soviet presence in both the Indian and Southern Oceans

  3. this outstanding reference book details the development, selection and introduction into RAAF service of Lockheed P-3 Orion Long-Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft (LRMPA); replacing a fleet of ancient, cumbersome and agricultural Lincoln and Neptune aircraft with a platform which was faster, sophisticated, contemporary, and capable of evolving its technology to keep meeting Australia’s Defence, Coast watch and search and rescue (SAR) needs, across P-3B, P-3C and AP3-C versions for nearly 50 Yea

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