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Confronting Murderous Men

Australian Police Slain in the Line of Duty 1922-1952

Authors: Alan Leek
True Crime, Police Force
153mm x 210mm


In the turbulent years from 1922 to 1952, Australia witnessed a chilling toll as twenty-two dedicated police officers sacrificed their lives in the line of duty. Others fell with them.

Emerging from the shadows of World War I, the nation, newly minted and resilient, navigated through The Great Depression’s pall, only to confront the re-emergence of war. During World War II, police officers, though deterred from enlistment, were released for service, or seconded for intelligence work, thrusting expanded responsibilities onto those who remained.

Operating in an unspoken battleground, law enforcers met their demise at the hands of dangerous criminals – murderous men driven by madness or consumed by hatred, most to cover crimes of little worth. Their stories unfold in gun battles, investigations gone wrong, opportunistic killings, and the disturbing murder of two police officers dismembered and burnt by petty thieves.

This collection of stories is more than sensational; they are the tales of lives cut short.
Each story stands testament to the indomitable spirit of those who faced duty’s relentless call during an era when greed held sway over decency.

Alan Leek

Alan Leek

Alan Leek is a 34 year veteran of the NSW Police, having served as a detective in Sydney,  its suburbs, and the surrounding Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains areas before becoming  officer-in-charge of Blacktown-Mt.Druitt detectives.  Promoted to commissioned rank, he held the position of staff officer-intelligence in the Blacktown District before taking up command of the […]

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