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Crawl to Freedom

Australian POW Escapes of World War One

Authors: Darren Prickett
153mm x 230mm


During World War One over 4000 Australian servicemen were taken prisoner. Yet the prisoner of war experiences of the Anzacs are frequently forgotten, treated as mere footnotes in the proliferation of the literature of Australian military history. Where individual stories have been told they are often from the perspective of life as a POW. It could be assumed that the Australian POWs of WWI passed quietly into captivity. The opposite was in fact the case.

Many of the Anzacs attempted escape, with over 40 successfully making their way to England or across the battlefields of Western Europe to allied lines – to ultimately score home-runs! Crawl to Freedom is a collection of stories of those successful home-runs. From enlistment to capture, the journeys and efforts of the escapees are forensically explored as the Anzacs fight for their freedom. The astonishing stories tell of mateship, courage and determination in the face of adversity, these soldiers succeeded in overcoming their hardships to fulfill their ingenious endeavours to escape.

Crawl to Freedom combines meticulous research with a forensic analysis to tell these astonishing stories of daring, perseverance and endurance … stories crying out to be told for over 100 years!

Darren Prickett

Darren Prickett

Darren Prickett was born and raised in Brisbane and after completing schooling he enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force. Following his military service, Darren joined the Queensland Police Service and spent the next 24 years as a police officer, most of that service as a designated Detective. Darren retired from the police service in 2018 and moved to […]

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