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Crime Scene Asia

When Forensic Evidence Becomes the Silent Witness

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Authors: Liz Porter
True Crime
C Format

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Shortlisted for the Sister’ In Crime 19th Davitt Award

Each of her stories reads like good crime fiction … a compulsive read.

Crime Scene Asia: when forensic evidence becomes the silent witness is a casebook written by award winning Australian Author Liz Porter of fascinating true stories throughout Asia.

Its opening case begins when the body of a woman is found in a Singapore nature park. Nobody has reported her missing. Nobody knows who she is. The only clue to her identity is a set of tiny numbers etched into a series of implants in her teeth. Police door-knock the dentists of Singapore until they find the one who treated her. Then, following a trail of numbers called from her phone, they unmask her killer.

In another case, set 300 kms away, in Kuala Lumpur, a married man is arrested for the murder of his mistress. Police are adamant that he is her killer. But the man’s lawyer can point to forensic evidence that tells a different story altogether. Meanwhile one of the book’s Hong Kong cases tells the story of a humble truck driver facing jail for his apparent involvement in a bombing plot allegedly masterminded by two of the former British colony’s most notorious gangsters. Then the evidence of a forensic scientist sets him free.

Liz Porter

Liz Porter

Liz Porter is an Australian writer best known for her prize-winning books about “the real CSI” — the way forensic science is used to solve crime. She is also the author of Written on the Skin: an Australian forensic casebook, joint winner of the 2007 Ned Kelly award for the best true crime book and Cold Case Files, winner of […]

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7 reviews for Crime Scene Asia

  1. Advances in forensic science have afforded modern criminal investigators some remarkable opportunities. Long-time journalist
    Liz Porter takes a detailed look at how forensics have solved a series of Australian murders which originally either baffled police or led them to imprison the wrong person. True crime fans, this is for you.
    – Queensland U On Sunday (Brisbane, Australia)

  2. Each of her stories reads like good crime fiction … a compulsive read.
    – The Sydney Morning Herald

  3. Highly addictive reading for any fan of forensics or CSI.
    – Kathryn Fox, bestselling author of Without Consent

  4. A delightful and entertaining writer.
    – Weekend Australian

  5. … Edgar Allan Poe would have applauded the recent Sisters-in-Crime Davitt Award for True Crime being awarded to Melbourne
    writer Liz Porter for her brilliant Cold Case Files. … He introduced the notion of ratiocination – the exercise of reason – in the process of analysing clues. And Porter investigates many as she sets the advances of forensic science technology, so recognisable from shows, into an investigative context.
    – Weekend Australian

  6. Liz Porter writes grippingly, though soberly, and with a scrupulous attention to scientific detail.
    – The Age

  7. They read like scripts for a CSI show or an episode of Dexter but what makes the mysteries in Cold Case Files by Liz Porter so chilling are that they come from real life police files. The TV shows are sexed up to entertain or titillate viewers; Cold Case Files is not, and it’s all the more gripping because of it.
    – Townsville Bulletin (Australia)

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