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Curly Tales

Short Stories with a Twist

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Authors: Bill Condon Illustrator: Dave Atze
children, humour, parables
153mm x 213mm

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Let your imagination soar with these funny fables about the extraordinary adventures of ordinary animals. Laugh out loud and enjoy twisted tales of a super smart cow, a daredevil flea, an earthworm who daydreams of being an anaconda, and many more.

Warning: Readers may not be able to stop smiling.

Bill Condon

Bill Condon

Bill Condon was born in the back of a taxi. Sadly, his mother didn’t have enough money to pay the fare so the driver kept him, but only until he was 30, when his mum finally remembered him. Since then Bill has written more than 100 books for children and young adults. On four occasions […]

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Dave Atze

Dave Atze

This is the story of an ordinary boy… when he was a kid everyone thought he was quite odd. Always drawing quirky things and talking in funny voices while he drew. Until one day he stumbled across a weird looking pencil stuck in a sharpener. On the sharpener it read: whomever pulleth this pencil from […]

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6 reviews for Curly Tales

  1. The short stories are perfect for one a day stories, or for the avid reader, to read the entire book in one go. Illustrator, Dave Atze, has captured the sense of humour of the words with zest in his illustrations, making me want to take out my textas and colouring-in pencils and add my own signature of colour splash for each short story.

  2. Curly Tales is an enjoyable book of short stories that can be used to introduce children to proverbs, as well as using a play on words of the proverbs used, inviting them into the world of 680 (that I found) once familiar proverbs and sayings ( that were well known around the world, once upon a time.

  3. Curly Tales Short stories with a twist supports the Year 1-3 English Curriculum where students engage with a variety of texts for enjoyment and create a range of imaginative stories based on Condon’s tales. With large easy to read fonts of different sizes and styles and David Atze’s funny cartoons this is just right for younger novel readers. Rhyllis Bignell

  4. these humorous animal stories are perfect for sharing with family, friends and classmates. Fun settings, silly situations, talking animals and crazy antics make up these creative twists on familiar wise mottos.

  5. A wonderful array of crazy, oddball characters fill the pages of this book. Meet Professor Julius Brigg, a brilliant pig with ‘a mind like a steel trap wrapped in bacon’. Meet Big Charley, a mangy cat, so mean he doesn’t use kitty litter. And Doddie Q Moo, a cow who likes two read signs. Go back, you are going the wrong way makes her heart flutter. Each of the thirteen stories is based on a proverb with a twist such as ‘curiosity chilled/killed the cat’ (poor Big Charley) and ‘every Doddie/everybody makes mistakes’ (you can’t force your family to join a sign reading club). Short explanations of the proverbs are included at the back of the book. The illustrations are as humorous as the text. Imagine an anaconda trying to squeeze an armour-plated armadillo (you can’t squeeze/please everyone) or a father and daughter flea fun day out (the best things in life are flea/free). The generous illustrations, large print and use of different fonts will appeal to young, independent readers. Humorous and clever, for those who like short stories, a good laugh and lashings of quirky wordplay. For ages 6-11. 4.5 stars.

  6. A worm who wants to be an anaconda, an elephant that won’t do tricks, a gorilla named Harry Hairybutt… these are among the memorable characters that The Simple Things author Bill Condon has created in these 14 animal-based short stories that will appeal to the young emerging reader transitioning to novels. Each is based on a familiar proverb but that proverb is twisted to suit the story, and, depending on your opinion of puns, they are clever or dreadful. But each story is very funny and just the right length in a well-spaced font with plenty of illustrations. At the end there is a glossary of the original proverbs with their actual meaning that introduces them to the reader, enriching their experience with the stories themselves. Fun and entertaining.

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