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Dancing with Deception

Love, Lies & Deceit

Authors: Catherine McCullagh
Historical Fiction, WWII
153mm x 230mm

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Paris. World War II. A young nurse treads a fine line between resistance and collaboration.

Sydney-born Marisa Carnarvon has always dreamt of becoming a nurse. Her dream becomes reality when she secures a position in a London hospital followed by an offer from the Red Cross Hospital in Paris. Despite the looming threat of war, Marisa accepts, and soon finds herself caught up in the German invasion of France in 1940.

But the young nurse is soon pressured to support the local resistance cell, shaking her determination to remain strictly neutral. Their careful arrangements are thrown into disarray by the arrival of a new Gestapo chief, a man who is young, attractive and beguilingly clever and whose speciality is hunting resisters. The resistance fights back, pressuring Marisa to seduce him. Now she treads a fine line between the resistance and the Gestapo, deceiving both while trusting neither.

With the approach of Allied forces in mid-1944, the fighting escalates and Marisa’s fate now hangs in the balance. She flees to Switzerland to join her Gestapo lover, unsure how she will live with her troubled conscience. But with the end of the war, a master plan of deception is unveiled, revealing the truth as she could never have imagined it.

Reader Praise

A masterpiece of escapism. A beautifully written book that takes you on a journey through occupied Paris during WWII.

For keen lovers and readers of the historical fiction genre.

One of those books where I read all day and all night.

This book got me hook, line and sinker.

A romping and delicious tale. McCullagh creates a world of high intrigue and spine-tingling adventure with an attention to historical detail that will leave history buffs well satiated

Catherine McCullagh

Catherine McCullagh

Catherine McCullagh is a highly respected editor and author. She has worked as an editor and advisor on numerous military and Australian history books and has two published works to her name, Willingly into the Fray, a narrative history of the first 100 years of Australian Army nursing, and War Child, the true story of […]

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