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Death Row at Truro

The shocking true story of Australia's deadliest sex killers

Authors: Geoff Plunkett
True Crime, Serial killers
153mm x 230mm

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Innocent young women, a sadistic serial killing duo and … the true story as revealed by the lead detective.

Australia’s most prolific serial sexual killers met in prison. They were a complete contrast: Christopher Worrell, the charismatic psychopathic youngster; and James Miller, the older and socially awkward loner. For Miller, it was love at first sight. They developed an ominous sexual bond – proving that opposites can attract – and then kill.

Once free, the inseparable tag team slayed as many people as notorious Australian serial killer Ivan Milat. Whereas Milat took a year to murder seven victims, the duo achieved the same in seven short weeks … the last four killed in only six days.
The frenzied carnage only stopped when Worrell died in a car accident. So ended the life of Australia’s own BTK. Like America’s Dennis Radar, Worrell bound, tortured and killed – because he could.

Revealed for the first time is the full account of the victims, the serial killers and the lead detective, a relentless investigator who broke the silence of the surviving murderer, the only person who knew the full truth … But was Miller’s truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Geoff Plunkett

Geoff Plunkett

Geoff Plunkett is a researcher and historian at the Department of Defence, Australia. An expert in chemical warfare, he has written multiple official histories, including Death by Gas, a devastating exposé of military deceit. Recent books include Let the Bums Burn, which recounts Australia’s deadliest building fire, and The Whiskey Au Go Go Massacre, an […]

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