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Dying to Know

Is there life after death?

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Authors: Josh Langley

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“I’ve ruined perfectly good dinner parties by asking that question.”

Ride shotgun with author and award-winning copywriter Josh Langley as he battles his inner-cynic and subjects himself to a barrage of strange and creepy adventures as a result of his lifelong obsession with the afterlife.

Determined to find out what happens when we die but realising it’s unlikely that an obliging ghost is going to jump out in front of him with the verdict, Josh designs his own unique “afterlife investigation plan’’ and sets off on an extraordinary journey in aquest for answers to the question we all secretly want to know.

Things get a little weird and spooky as he visits crematoriums, experiments with out-of-body experiences, attempts past-liferegressions, conjures up dead people, converses with his long dead grandmother and is scared witless on a terrifying ghosthunt, to name a few.

Explore the paranormal from the safety of your armchair with Dying to Know a humorous and moving travelogue like nothing else before it. Join Josh as he searches for answers to the question that has plagued him for years, and reaches his final, and somewhat surprising, thought-provoking conclusion.

Josh Langley

Josh Langley

Josh Langley failed high school twice, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a multi award-winning radio copywriter and award-winning children’s author. His quirky and inspirational books have inspired thousands of people around the world. Josh is a passionate advocate for both kids and adult mental health having been diagnosed with Anxiety later in life. […]

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20 reviews for Dying to Know

  1. Josh Langley takes a refreshingly honest, down to earth (no pun intended) approach to the subject matter. His breezy style will quickly disarm hard core skeptics. And even though Josh makes no bones ( no pun intended, again) about his desire to find proof of life after death, he doesn’t let this influence his findings (often phenomena is discovered to be completely natural) His exploits take him on an eye opening tour of a crematorium, a genuinely hair raising ghost hunt, and a bizarre night in an abandoned classroom attempting to communicate with the the spirits of two school kids. Langleys persona is affably self deprecating at times, but always entertaining. This is one journey worth taking and Langley is the ideal tour guide. Does he discover proof of life after death? You’ll just have to read the book to find out.

  2. One of the main reasons I love this book is because it is Josh’s PERSONAL JOURNEY! There’s no “it happened to a friend of a friend of mine”, and that’s what makes it a very real book. I felt like I was right there in the thick of things with Josh and Andy while they were on their adventures. I was so excited when I receive this book I read it in two sittings, I just couldn’t put it down! Well done Josh, can’t wait for the next book =)

  3. What an amazing book and thought provoking journey to take. It was an inspiration, easy to read and very unputdownable. I was sad when I got to the last page. Looking forward to the follow up……if you need any help I’m here!!!

  4. What a read I couldn’t put it down. And now Darryl is going to have a go (he’s not a book reader so this will be good!) I loved the book and loved the conclusion. I’m happy you found what you needed! ps I too believe in life after death.

  5. Hey Josh, I just finished your book. Well Done it was a wonderful read. now I’m going to do some research myself cause I always feel my Dad trying to communicate with me

  6. Great Book, what a journey. Has made me question my own experiences and I want to read more.

  7. Josh! Read your book from cover to cover this afternoon! WOW! Loved it! Haven’t stopped talking to my husband about it. I will be telling everyone to read it. Good work Josh

  8. Had me from the get go!! Loved it.

  9. I couldn’t put in down, I laughed and I cried

  10. GOO Review books of “Dying to Know” by Josh Langley aired on Ghosts of Oz on 17th March 2014 Josh Langley wants to know the answer to that age old question Is there life after death? Many of us are probably curious about this also so with that in mind I grabbed a copy of his new book Dying to Know and prepared myself to find some answers. To give himself the best chance of finding this answer, Josh undertakes quite a few challenges including seeing some mediums, checking out behind the scenes of a funeral home, ghost hunting, meditation and many, many more, all of which he documents in this book. So what inspired him to go on this journey? He tells us that he was always a curious child, but living in house that had its own spooky goings on certainly would have fuelled that fire. Josh was brought up in a rather open household, with a very open mind and was allowed to explore what he wanted, and with a life surrounded by ghostly visitations, s?ces and messages passed on from loved ones, it’s no wonder his interest was piqued. The first chapter of the book starts at the funeral home and crematorium. I found this chapter a bit confronting but only I think because I had lost my mother last year. But I think that Josh handled it nicely and even though it was quite stark in the way he described it, which was just the way it is, he counteracted this with his own compassion and grief to bring that touch of humanity to an otherwise stark environment. Probably a good place to start as when we die that is generally the next place that we go. Chapter 2 covers a topic that fascinates me and that is reincarnation. With his visit to a past life regressionist I loved reading the different ‘lives’ of Josh’s that came through and how they connected with his current life now as in knowing his partner before. This is something that I have intended doing myself one day and reading Josh’s results have just made me want that even more. He visited many mediums for the answers in this book and I loved seeing the different results from the different mediums and how some actually came through with the same information. Learning to be open minded in a situation like this I think is hard, especially when you are going in expecting to hear from a particular person and that person doesn’t come through. The physical medium was a very interesting story also, with some suitably creepy results. He covers many other topics in this book like Out of Body Experiences, Transfiguration boxes, his own mediation contact with loved ones and of course the one that interested me the most his own ghost hunt. The spiritualist church made me smile and again is another area I would love to investigate. I found the ghost hunt interesting as that is a passion of mine and after reading this chapter all I want to do is now go to this location. The experiences were ones that I have had several times so could relate exactly to how he was feeling. The thing I loved in this book was the synchronicity, when Josh had a thought about a challenge that he would do, somehow, something or someone would appear that would make that possible instead of the hard journey it could have been. Including but not limited to a very expensive US course that suddenly did a retreat in QLD where Josh’s brother in law lives. Much cheaper and accessible than flying overseas and lovingly timed so it could be done for his book. They do say the right people will turn up at the right time. What was also great was to see Josh willing to spend his own money on doing as many different courses and exercises to get the most broadest possible result and answers for this book . He really did try as many ways as possible to find his answer and I appreciated the effort in doing that as with any scientific experiment to find answers, every avenue must be explored. There are now quite a few new things out there which I am going to be exploring and looking at doing to increase my knowledge of this afterlife and the spirits we deal with. I really enjoyed reading the book and managed to do it in a couple of hours much to hubby’s surprise. The way the book ended had me a bit teary I’m not ashamed to say and really shows how we all end up full circle in the end. So did Josh find the answer to his question? You’ll have to get the book and find out I give Dying to Know 4 out of 5 orbs!

  11. I love your style and the way you have constructed and broken down the different parts of your journey. I would have no hesitation in recommending “Dying to Know” to others. I know it is about your personal journey but it is also a wonderful gift to those that perhaps do not have that persistent voice inside that is pushing them or they are not listening. For those that do not know where to start, but have questions, it can be a road map. It shows different ways that can be experienced to find answers and clearly shows that they are not black and white. And although that is how it is, you will still get your answer if you allow it to come to you, perhaps not how you envisaged though. Letting Go and Allow, are still very much a part of my vocabulary when talking to participants of the programs or the workshops I am facilitating at. It was an honour to be a part of your journey. Gwen Jones

  12. accidentally stumbled across Josh Langley’s website ( while looking for resources for my English class. I was so impressed with his engaging and humorous style that I decided to purchase one of his books. Well, I’m glad that I did! “Dying to Know” offers a warm, honest and poignant exploration of our perceptions of the afterlife. Langley interjects his own personal journey with his own vibrant anecdotes and there’s never a dull moment as he discusses diverse topics ranging from Greece, crematoriums, séances and beer lovers (I could really connect with the last example). Certainly a captivating and interesting read – I couldn’t put the book down. Langley has a personable style similar to David Sedaris. I’ll definitely be reading his other books as well.

  13. Author Josh Langley shares his personal life stories of self-discovery while gaining his own personal experience of the afterlife. His drive and determination to seek out paranormal experiences in his quest to answer his BIG question led him to share his personal experiences in his book, Dying To Know, is there life after death? It’s no surprise this eventually led to even bigger questions. He humorously, and with downright frank description, details his journey as he finds the answers in unexpected ways … I was entertained and surprised at Langley’s relentless exuberance and creativity in investigating as many viewpoints and approaches for experiencing the afterlife as he could think of.

  14. Josh takes the reader on an exploration of the afterlife. And through that you see him opening up his perspective to new ways of being and seeing. So it is not only an interesting journey to hear how he explores the afterlife, but it is also a lovely record of his own spiritual journey. Josh has a very conversational style of writing so the read is super easy, just like listening to him talk.

  15. This is a great book to get your mind and your beliefs going. I started reading it with not much opinion on the subject of “life after death” but I found it very intriguing, sometimes confronting, but mostly just really interesting. It has the ability to make you calm about life and death and also provide some answers for those who may need it. Great read. Highly recommend.

  16. Engaging, informative, and with not a little of Josh Langley’s wonderful sense of humour sprinkled throughout, Dying to Know is a definite must-read for the inquisitive mind contemplating what, if anything, happens when we reach the inevitable point of, shall we say, ‘kicking the bucket’. This wonderful read is for those of you who can’t get your fill in regards to the increasingly overwhelming evidence that surely, there’s just got to be more to these silly little biological suits we so dearly identify with. Langley takes us on a journey, albeit his own (and let’s face it, isn’t that where the ‘proof’ truly lies??), that investigates a variety of afterlife evidence, from discovering that which is hidden ‘behind the curtain’ at a funeral home/crematorium, up to and including, sessions with mediums, out-of-body experiences beginning at the famous Monroe Institute in Virginia, and more.

    As a long-time explorer of alternate levels of awareness/consciousness, what I especially enjoyed was how Langley was determined to examine the ifs and hows through whatever method was available in proving to himself whether there was any validity in these paranormal claims, but from an experiential level, as opposed to rehashing the ton of info readily available – kudos to you, Josh! As such, I felt he did a brilliant job in examining these claims over a two year period – a substantial amount of time and energy, in my opinion, to investigate anything of this importance and magnitude.

    If you’re one of those neurotic explorers (as I am), in the examination of the larger reality, you will absolutely appreciate the insights and dedication Langley has contributed in sharing his own journey of discovery.

  17. aving had a life-long (!) interest in the subject myself, I like it how Josh has explored so many different paths, trying to solve the mystery for himself.
    I also like his humour.
    The reason death is normally a taboo subject is probably that we are all scared of it, deep down, whether we believe in this or that. It is such an un-known for most of us. I am a bit jealous of the ones with near- death experiences, who have come back, all happy and now without fear, only with a longing back to that “other place”.
    It is great, in my opinion, that Josh is tackling our fears head on. Taking the bull by the horns. Thanks for a valuable book! I can recommend it.

  18. The topic of death and the afterlife can often be uncomfortable, but this book treats these subjects with both humour and sensitivity. This book is not a rehash of other peoples’ stories but a journey and adventure by Langley to find out if he can find personal evidence of the existence of an afterlife. A fun, life affirming and intelligent book. I thoroughly recommend it.

  19. Enjoyable book

  20. Great read
    This book touches on a difficult subject with sensitivity and humour.

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