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Easy Target

Taming the Black Dog

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Authors: Adam Blum
Biography, Memoir, Depression, bullying
153mm x 230mm

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‘I was an easy target. You didn’t have to be a trained sniper to take the shot.’

Easy Target is the inspirational story of a young man’s journey from being an easy target and victim of bullying to forging fortitude and resilience in order to battle the bullies and the black dog of depression.

Adam tells his story with raw honesty which at times is heartbreaking and at other times, hilarious. Easy Target outlines the real-life steps Adam has taken in order to overcome his darkest days, change his mindset and transform his life.

With contributing chapters by best-selling authors, this book is about change, hope, and belief for a brighter future. “

A must read to nurture perspective and understanding of those around us and especially ourselves.” – -Paul De Gelder


“This book is a must read for anyone who thinks that `nasty words’ whether written or spoken don’t leave a lasting legacy. When those words are critical, mean, and constant, the damage can run deep, and affect a person’s life in ways that are unimaginable. But this isn’t a sad tale that will leave you feeling flat… It is a powerful story of someone who faced all those demons and came out on top. I have no doubt Adam’s honesty, courage, openness, and journey of self-help, self-discovery, and healing, will no doubt assist others that are struggling with their mental health. He has shared his darkest moments, and explained the constructive and helpful steps he took to regain control of his life. Bravo Adam.”  – JOHANNA GRIGGS, TV Presenter and Beyond Blue Director

“A truly inspiring tale of one man’s struggles to overcome life’s pitfalls. Adam’s story is full of heart-wrenching and at times, hilarious reflections which leave the reader feeling there is always a way forward, no matter how tough the road. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and take life by the horns!” – AMELIA ADAMS, 60 Minutes Reporter

‘If someone had given me a book like this when I was a budding young man, I don’t think I would have felt as lost and alone all those years. A must read to nurture perspective and understanding of those around us and especially ourselves’. – Paul de Gelder Author, Veteran, TV Presenter, and International Speaker

“If you were to look up the words ‘courage’ and inspiration’ in the dictionary, there should be the name Adam Blum included in the definition. His is such a powerful story, told with such honesty and surprising humour for all that he has faced and endured. It’s a tough story but also uplifting. I have no doubt that by sharing his story, Adam will help others overcome adversity. Well done on a ripper book.” – DEBORAH KNIGHT, 2GB Sydney Radio Host / A Current Affair Host

‘’Adam’s open and honest account of the difficulties life can present and his journey to defeating them is inspirational to say the least.” – DAMIEN THOMLINSON, Former Commando and Author.

“This is a deeply inspiring book that touches the heart and uplifts the spirit. Adam Blum’s story of fortitude, determination, and courage to overcome challenges is a beacon of hope for those facing their own battles. Through sharing his journey, Adam reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles and there is always strength to be found within ourselves. Hilarious and honest. Heart-breaking and uplifting. This book is a testament to the transformative power of resilience and a reminder that, sometimes, one is better than none and better than two.”  – JANINE GARNER, Author, and International Speaker

“By being open, honest, and vulnerable, Adam demonstrates immense courage in sharing his story. Adam has endured significant hardship throughout his life, yet his resilience in the face of adversity is incredibly inspiring. I have no doubt Easy Target will leave a lasting impression on all those that read it. The world is definitely a better place with Adam in it.” – HUGO TOOVEY, Army Major, Cancer Survivor, and founder of 25 STAY ALIVE

“Adam’s story is a story of triumph in the face of overwhelming adversity at multiple stages in his life. Having overcome so much at such a young age, his story is a must read for those suffering in silence on how to be inspired to turn their life around.  ” – CHRIS MAY, Veteran, Fire Fighter and Host of the Dad Ready Podcast.

“Honest, kind, and intelligent. These are words I already knew about Adam Blum. But strong, resilient, and brave are what I have learnt about him since reading his book Easy Target. Told with unflinching honesty, Adam shows true strength that has defied the bully’s taunts and the teacher who told him he would “amount to nothing.” Instead, he has thrived because of them. Adam’s book is a must-read for anyone who is struggling. It’s an important story that will save your life.” –
DONNA BOURKE, Former Warrant Officer Class 2 Army Intelligence and Author.

“Adam displays the very essence of the attributes to hold courage and vulnerability. With an empathetic dialogue Adam takes us on a raw and authentic journey through his life’s struggles and triumphs. We feel his pain and relish in his joy through his captivating narrative. Adam is a role model for young men in our communities and I have no doubt will save lives through his relatable rose that grew from concrete journey. It is an honour to call you a friend and colleague.” –
SARAH SPICER, Qualified Fire Fighter Fire + Rescue NSW.

Easy Target is empowering on so many levels. Adam’s raw candour through the book around his struggles are relatable, revealing that in the darkest moments of his life, he was able to find light. This book gives the reader the opportunity to imagine life beyond suicide and realistic ways to deal with years of thoughtless and at times unconscious behaviour from individuals. Absolutely inspiring.: – CASEY NIXON, Veteran and Mental Health Ambassador

Adam Blum

Adam Blum

Adam Blum had a troubled start in life. Born in 1992, he was plagued by health issues. As an infant and throughout his childhood, Adam endured a debilitating series of surgical procedures. His school years were a torture. Experiencing both health issues and ADHD, Adam faced constant bullying. His self-esteem was shattered under the weight […]

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  1. What a book! I’m speechless. The message is so important and it needs to get far and wide.

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