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Ella Saw the Tree PB

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Authors: Robert Vescio Illustrator: Cheri Hughes
Jokes, Children's Book
230 x 260mm

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Ella Saw the Tree is an entertaining story about living in the moment. This beautiful and reflective picture book teaches a simple but important lesson. By taking a moment to slow down and really appreciate your surroundings even the simple things can be surprising and fun.

One windy day, as Ella plays in her backyard, she is showered by leaves. When she looks up, Ella sees a tree in her backyard … has it always been there?

And why is it crying?

It’s not until Ella carefully and attentively takes the time to – smell, listen, feel and look – that she discovers the tree in her backyard, as if for the very first time. By slowing down and experiencing new sensations, Ella learns to appreciate the simple things in life.

Ella Saw the Tree is a beautifully illustrated and captivating story that show’s children how easy it is to appreciate the world.

Perfect for sharing with children of all ages.


Praise for Ella Saw the Tree

“Robert Vescio’s Story on Mindfulness Opens our Hearts.” – Just Write For Kids

” … a must read for big and little kids, alike!” – Dimity Powell, Boomerang Books

Cheri Hughes

Cheri Hughes

Cheri Hughes was born in Japan and raised in both the U.S. and Japan. She studied design in Japan and specialises in illustration. Even as a small child, and prior to any studies, she always knew what she would be doing and that involved creating a world through visual interpretation. Cheri moved around a lot […]

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Robert Vescio

Robert Vescio

Robert Vescio always has a story on the bookshelf, one on his desk and another in the pipeline. He writes picture books and short stories for children and himself a storyteller because he loves to spin a good yarn! His goal as a children’s author is to inspire, encourage and challenge children to dream big […]

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7 reviews for Ella Saw the Tree PB

  1. Ella is a busy girl. There is a lot to do in her backyard and many adventures to be had. She doesn’t have time to be bored. One day, Ella sees a tree in her backyard and is surprised she has not noticed it before. With its falling leaves, Ella is convinced the tree must be crying. She busies herself finding ways to cheer up the sad tree. That night, Ella’s mind is too busy to sleep. She frets over the tree and what she can do to help it. Seeing her daughter’s despair, Ella’s mother encourages her to slow down and focus on her senses. By doing this, Ella is able to appreciate the moment she is experiencing. Though she has a wonderful imagination, Ella does not take the time to pay attention to something like an ordinary tree in her back yard. This tale shows Ella, and younger readers, not just that it is good to pay attention, but how to pay attention. Ella Saw the Tree serves as an introduction for children to mindfulness practices. Author Robert Vescio’s words invite children to be present in the moment by connecting with their senses, their surroundings, and with nature. Vesico’s tale of Ella’s beautiful and her busy days are complimented by Cheri Hughes’ watercolour illustrations. The pictures are colourful and capture the sensory journey Ella embarks upon. A story with an important message, Ella Saw The Tree is recommended for children of all ages, as well as their parents. Teachers Resources are available from the Big Sky Publishing website.

  2. I highly recommend Ella Saw the Tree, not only for young children, but for middle and upper primary children as well. The story is a gift sent to remind us to pause

  3. Illustrator, Cheri Hughes, has given us a visual feast with her inspiring illustrations. The detail in each double page spread carries the reader deep into Ella’s world where you feel what Ella feels.

  4. When you’re mindful it gives you a clear head, slows down your nervous system, lets you relax and helps you cope with stress.

    Ella Saw The Tree will delight all readers. Teachers and parents alike can use this story as a starting point for discussing the concept of engaging all senses and being mindful of the little things in life.

    For children, reading this book will open new perspectives on the world and being present in the moment. This is a great book to be shared with children of all ages – Doodles and Drafts

  5. Vescio’s elegant and sensatory language is beautifully articulated to connect readers with the aspects of mindfulness highlighted in the story. His words are delicate and carefully chosen, and pleasantly supported by the luscious illustrations by Cheri Hughes. – Dimity, Boomerang Books

  6. a warm, entertaining and important story that invites children, and adults alike, to opt in to the skilful technique of being ‘at one with oneself’ and with nature. I love that this book prompts us to celebrate the simplicity, beauty and surprises of life that induce the most happiness. – Dimity Powell, Boomerang Books

  7. In his latest book, Ella Saw The Tree, Robert Vescio addresses these themes with thoughtful consideration. Here is a story that joyfully taps into children’s innately inquiring minds. It reminds them that slowing down, focusing on the inner self, and appreciating their environment will offer them surprising discoveries and a sense of calm. – Dimity Powell, Boomerang Books

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