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A Time Travelling Adventure with Dr. Lillian Cooper

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Authors: Jane Smith
adventure series for girls
128mm x 198mm

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Carly Mills Series

Carly heads off on another time travelling adventure; this time with one of the world’s most renown inspirational women ever Dr Lilian Cooper – another trailblazing pioneer!

When Carly Mills moves from the farm to boarding school in the city, she knows it’s going to be tough. But then her magical shawl takes her back to 1891 and into the path of Queensland’s first female doctor, Lilian Cooper.

Carly learns just what it means to be strong and brave and determined … and how everything is better with a friend by your side.

Jane Smith

Jane Smith

Jane Smith, an accomplished author, archivist, editor and librarian, is dedicated to resurrecting captivating tales from history’s depths for readers of all ages. With a prolific portfolio spanning fiction and non-fiction since 2014, Jane has published over twenty books with a historical focus. Jane’s works have received national acclaim and earned multiple prestigious literary award […]

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11 reviews for Emergency

  1. I have personally told so many people about your books. My son saw the Carly Mills books and recognised your name. He asked to read them before I take them into school next year.

  2. It ticks all the boxes in terms of engaging middle to upper grade readers.

  3. … an interesting approach to teaching history to young people. I imagine it would raise many areas for discussion. The clothing and living conditions brought to light a better understanding of life in early Australia and the lack of amenities that we take for granted would surprise them. However even without the educational aspects it was a good story.

  4. “I love the imagery and descriptions of people and places as well as the clear and easy-to-follow history that flows through the story. Jane Smith managed to find a perfect balance between fact and fiction. What an encouragement for young girls today – Carolyn Chisholm really was a woman ahead of her time, proving that ‘kindness and friendship can make the world a better place’. I can’t wait to read the next instalment.”

  5. Young readers who love mystery, adventure and time travel will love this series and will learn a lot about Australian women of our past.
    Highly recommended

  6. As a school librarian, this book makes me excited! It is the right balance of adventure, relationships and meticulously researched history. It could sit quite comfortably as a classroom text and be very popular as a book for reading for leisure.
    But as a mother of a young girl, this book makes me very excited! What a wonderful way to introduce strong, smart female characters.

  7. As a mother of three school-aged boys I am thrilled about Jane Smith’s new children’s series focussing on strong women from our past. Meeting Caroline Chisholm through our new time-travelling character Carly brings history to life, making Chisholm’s philanthropic achievements accessible to children and presenting themes of the importance of showing kindness and generosity to others.
    We have all been avid fans of Jane Smith’s previous work – we enjoyed following the adventures of Tommy Bell as he met up with various bushrangers. Smith’s meticulous historical research really helps to immerse the reader in the 19th-century time period that Tommy finds himself in. And the books are lots of fun … who doesn’t love the magic of time travel?

  8. I was fascinated with the glimpses of Brisbane as it was a century ago, and the interactions Carly had with historical figure Dr Lilian Cooper made me want to find out more. What a great little book – fast paced and fascinating!’

  9. ‘Brilliant and super readable’

  10. Carly finds herself in the middle of a fast-paced rollick through history as she learns about an impressive woman: Dr Cooper.

  11. I have personally told so many people about your books. My son saw the Carly Mills books and recognised your name. He asked to read them before I take them into school next year.

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