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Six Men Buried Alive for Over Six Years

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Authors: Tony Matthews
Fiction, WWII
153mm x 230mm

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What would it be like to be trapped deep underground for six long years with no hope of rescue or escape? This is a profound question explored deeply in Entombed. And the key point here is that Entombed is inspired by an astonishing true story and real events.

Six German soldiers led by Captain Hans von Roth are accidentally buried alive in a vast subterranean stores bunker at the port of Gdynia, Poland, in 1945. At first they believe they will soon be rescued, but as the weeks drag into years it becomes appallingly clear that the men will almost certainly face a terrifying death in the grim darkness that surrounds them.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, Hans von Roth’s wife, Erika, is desperately attempting to survive the fall of the city and the Russian hordes destined shortly to occupy it. Facing starvation, massive aerial bombing, Soviet shelling and a host of other dangers, she is also attempting to discover what has become of her lost husband.

In Entombed, the author has woven a tale of great love and a desperate struggle for survival like no other. The story literally pushes all the frontiers of human frailty and courage to their very edges.

Inspired by a true story and actual events, Entombed is one of the most astonishing untold stories to emerge from the era of the Second World War.

Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews is a Queensland author who has dedicated almost his entire adult life to writing and researching Australian history. He also writes extensively on military and espionage history with a specific emphasis on both world wars. He is the author of more than thirty books including several historical novels.

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8 reviews for Entombed

    Noosa Today
    Tony Matthews has done it again, bringing to life what is probably the most astonishing story ever to emerge from the era of the Second World War.


    What would it be like to be trapped deep underground for six long and terrible years with no hope of rescue or escape?


    There is no doubt, this is one of the greatest true-life narratives of that period.


    In Entombed, Tony has woven a carefully structured and beautifully written tale of great love, great despair and a desperate struggle for survival like no other.


    The story pushes all the frontiers of human frailty and courage to their very edges, tearing at the borders of desperation and also thrusting the reader into a constantly deeper understanding of the real meaning of alternating hope and despair under conditions so atrocious, so devoid of any promise of success, that the only way out appears to be death itself.

  6. What is astonishing about Entombed by Tony Matthews is that this absolute page turner is based on a true story.
    How could six German soldiers be buried alive underground for six years? Impossible right? Wrong. Impeccably researched with a great attention to detail Entombed flows and evolves along its historically accurate linear timeline in a way that just when you think this has to be the end, it just keeps giving.
    The plight of Captain Hans von Roth and his men, their ingenuity, their spirit, their will to survive, their despair and desperation is told in parallel to that of Hans wife Erika, herself desperately trying to survive in the bombed out ruins of Berlin during the last years of the war, but never giving up hope that one day she will find Hans or learn of his fate.
    Not all German soldiers and civilians were Nazis and idolised Hitler, and I loved how this theme is also explored through the characters and their situations. As too are the themes of enduring love and having hope when all hope appears lost.
    The story and characters really resonate from the page and you ride the whole emotional and physical rollercoaster with them. Though set in wartime, this is not a war book as such. It is a story of the indomitable human spirit that is told in such a vividly engaging and engrossing way, that it lives with you afterwards.
    It was amazing.
    Warren Meneely

  7. Entombed review by Martin Ryan

    I have just finished reading Entombed. I found it to be a fascinating premise for a novel based on a true story. I enjoyed the book very much. It kept me reading because I wanted to know what happened to the men. You are very skilful at building the suspense at each step along the way in their battle underground. It is extremely well written and researched. … I appreciate your take on the story and your creative interpretation of what might have taken place underground. To my way of thinking, what you have written would seem to be quite realistic based upon my knowledge of men under extreme pressure. I again congratulate you on your riveting book.
    Martin Ryan.
    (Reproduced with permission).

  8. It is with pleasure that I was asked by the author to do a book review on “Entombed”. I was flattered some years ago when he asked me to review the story outline of this book with a view to considering the medical aspects of such a long period of imprisonment with particular attention to physical, nutritional and psychological aspects of this situation. I will be somewhat guarded here, as the story has expanded into a full novel and there are many factors which need to be presented only at the appropriate time. I was enthralled at the story which Tony has produced and the development of the story line to a completely believable psychological thriller. This book has been developed from a true situation at the Polish port of Gdynia in 1945 during the WWII German evacuation in the middle of a RAAF Lancaster bombing raid and Tony has managed to create and explain from these basics a story which captures the reader for its entirety. He even manages to maintain a romantic thread through the entire story. I am not going to give anything else away.
    An excellent read and well up to his usual meticulous standard.
    Dr Max Hunter

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