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Everyday Resilience

Helping kids handle friendship drama, academic pressure and the self-doubt of growing up

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Authors: Michelle Mitchell
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“I believe ‘Everyday Resilience’ should be in the hands of every parent, educator and carer.” Sharon Witt – Best-selling author, educator and presenter.

“A timely, excellent read for those who live with or work with children.” Maggie Dent – Author, educator and resilience specialist.

The way our children handle ‘small knocks’ is crucial, as it will be the foundation for much bigger things. Parents are wise to see each small knock as a teachable moment that has long-term significance. We can’t dismiss or understate our child’s daily experiences.

Our children can ‘have it all’ and still be ill-prepared to handle life’s challenges. Despite the posters on our school’s walls and the endless research on resilience, there has been a significant rise in mental illness over the past five years. For many of our young ones, resilience is much easier to talk about than put into practise.

In this book Michelle shows every family how they can cultivate resilience in their children or adolescents by focussing on 7 key traits – courage, gratitude, empathy, self-awareness, responsibility, self-care and contribution. She answers questions like,

  • How can I help my child be more confident?
  • What do I say when my child is rejected by friends?
  • How do I help a child who is struggling academically?
  • What do I say when my child says, “I can’t”?
  • How do I help an anxious or shy child find their voice?
  • What can I do to help them discover their potential?

As a teacher, and founder of Youth Excel, Michelle has witnessed first-hand what works. Using every day scenarios and how-to actions, Michelle explains resilience in a way that will relate to every family. Her practical tone, humour and hands on experience provide every parent with tools to nurture strength in young lives.

Michelle Mitchell

Michelle Mitchell

Michelle Mitchell is an author, award-winning speaker and educator who has presented to over 200 000 people in her career to date. Michelle started her career as a primary school teacher. Her passion for life skills education very quickly led her to specialise in the health and wellbeing sector.  In 2000 Michelle left teaching and […]

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20 reviews for Everyday Resilience

  1. “I believe ‘Everyday Resilience’ should be in the hands of every parent, educator and carer.” Sharon Witt – Best-selling author, educator and presenter.

  2. “A timely, excellent read for those who live with or work with children.” Maggie Dent – Author, educator and resilience specialist.

  3. Radio interview with Michelle Mitchell and Chris Ilsley – Perth Tonight.

  4. I loved reading this book. It’s insightful and relatable, and Mitchell sets everything out in an easy to read and easy to understand format.

    This book will give you confidence to guide your kids through the storms of their life. It provides the tools you need to help your kids help themselves, giving them strategies they can take into adulthood. It can give you tools for your own life, too. It taught me much about my own levels of resilience, and many ideas within the book I will now apply to my own actions and reactions.

    If you have kids, or care for kids, I highly, HIGHLY recommend reading Everyday Resilience.

  5. Mitchell shows readers how they can cultivate resilience in young people by focusing on seven key traits – courage, gratitude, empathy, self-awareness, responsibility, self-care and contribution to the community. All the problems that young people face in today’s fast-paced world seem to be addressed.
    This is a practical book which will certainly be helpful for those who work with children and who want to help promote mental well-being.

  6. “Everyday Resilience” by Michelle Mitchell This was a very easy read and had lots of stories to relate to. Michelle writes about the seven traits of resilience which she believes are courage, gratitude, empathy, self-awareness, responsibility, self-care and contribution.

  7. ‘It’s really about taking those micro-moments of family life and turning them into opportunities to build resilience.’
    Michelle is well known around the country for her expertise not only in the parenting arena, but also in her understanding of the teenage psyche. She has authored a number of books on these topics, and her work has also been featured on The Today Show, Today Tonight, 10 News, as well as in The Courier Mail, The Age and The Daily Telegraph.
    Speaking with 96five, Michelle said that she’s always had a passion to teach life skills education to young people

  8. Michelle’s books and resources have been called an ‘encouraging and
    guiding light’ for parents and professionals. She has a marvellous way of speaking truth in a way that all appreciate

  9. The Importance of Five More Squats
    Michelle Mitchell says parents should think of a young person’s life like a big gym session (with lots of squats), and a parent like a personal trainer. Just like a personal trainer, a parent needs to help their child develop a tolerance for ‘the burn’ that comes from doing life’s squats.

  10. If you have ever wondered how to help your child navigate friendship dramas, handle academic pressures, discover their talents or overcome anxiety, this book is for you. This book will help you turn your child’s everyday challenges into moments that build resilience. Written for both primary and high school aged children (6-17), this book has a special focus on school based issues. As a former school teacher I know that these issues either make or break our children’s resilience levels. And there is so much more we can do to help them navigate the “small knocks” that come our children’s way.

  11. A Strategy to Boost Your Child’s Gratitude
    It is not difficult to notice times when authentic gratitude is lacking in our homes. I have come to recognise that an indulgent life doesn’t make kids happy.

  12. Episode 23 – Raising Resilient Children
    Even if we wish they were, our children will never be immune from the setbacks and failures inherent in life. And these setbacks could be experienced by our children very early on, whether they be in the form of friendship dramas, academic pressure, or internal self-doubt. Getting back up after a setback—what we call “resilience”—is, therefore, an important skill to teach our children. In this episode of Chatabout Children, we bring in author Michelle Mitchell to talk to us about how parents could help their children develop this very vital life skill.

  13. Five Simple Ways to Inject Gratitude into Your Daily Schedule
    Optimism is a shield which does come more naturally to some than others. Not all of our children are blessed with a strong innate ability to see a ‘glass half full’. Some young people have a genetically lower happiness ‘set point’ than others, and will therefore tend to see the negatives more easily. However, there are specific things we can do to help them along the way.

  14. Highly recommended. ‘Every Day Resilience’ is a book for all parents, teachers, counsellors and older teenage readers (perhaps 16 plus). It tackles the harder issues and shows how to overcome them. It is a self help book that is recommended for those struggling times.

  15. Thank you so very much for your heart warming and genuine talk last night. The way you easily connected with our families was a pleasure to see.
    I have heard good comments already from some of our families who were present as they particularly enjoyed your heartfelt examples of real life and how to navigate this minefield that is parenting.

  16. My husband and I attended your Building Brave seminar. We both thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. We could see how passionate you are about your work as you were so enthusiastic about the information you were sharing. I loved hearing about your real-life experiences also. This put all of your advice into context and showed us how it can work in everyday family life with us and our twins at home.

  17. I teach Year 5 at an all-girl’s school. I have already read ‘Everyday Resilience,’ and on the night, I purchased two copies of the journal for my children, and then also copies of ‘Parenting Teenage Girls’ and ‘What Teenage Girls Don’t Tell Their Parents.’ I’m looking forward to reading these and learning more about how bringing up girls is different raising boys.
    One take-away that I had from your presentation was the idea that we teach our kids by celebrating them and that big is always found in little – such wise words.

  18. My daughter has eczema and you may or may not remember us chatting. You have made a huge impact on our world, and after the last couple of months with friendship dramas and skin/appearance teasing and confidence issue THIS is what we were waiting for … I look forward to getting my hands on your wonderful resources and appreciate so much I came and listened to your presentation that evening at school.

  19. Every person, especially parents, are so grateful for the issues Michelle addresses about raising children, and she is not afraid to tackle difficult issues such as Self Harm. She is warm, friendly, a great communicator, and comes with obvious expertise in her area. We totally recommend her to every church where there are children! We keep having her back….she brings hope to raising the children of today.

  20. Michelle has a beautiful way of weaving together life and research, experience and wisdom, and stories and truth. As parents we are so often mislead to believe that it is our job to make our kids happy. But in fact, in the absence of challenge there can be no growth. Michelle shines a beautiful, empowering light on the truth about resilience, adaptation and growth. When we can champion this kind of reality for our children, resilience abounds. What a gift to parents and big people everywhere!

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