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Fifty Spades of Grey

Erotica for classy blokes

Authors: L.O.L James

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Fifty Spades of Grey – Planting the seeds of desire.

Christina is trying to turn Dave’s attention away from the garden bed and towards her bed. Dave, oblivious as usual just thinks he’s found a woman as fascinated as he is by roots, spadework, and the need to tidy up one’s bush in time for summer.

Fifty Shades of Blokes is a series for us guys who just don’t get all the fuss about this Fifty Shades malarkey.

When handyman, Dave Woode, does some weekend work for young entrepreneur, Christina Grey, he encounters a woman who is beautiful, brilliant, and desperate to try out a ‘bit of rough’. The unworldly, innocent Dave – like almost every man before him – has no idea what’s going on, and believes Christina simply shares his passions for sports, DIY and gardening. The series follows the young couple as they embark on a passionate, double-entendre filled exploration of balls, power tools and spreading a bit of seed around.

With every story written the way men would like it – incredibly short – the Fifty Shades of Blokes trilogy won’t ‘possess you’ or ‘obsess you’, but it is quite obviously a parody that will leave you asking:

  • How do men and women ever get together?
  • How many men are really as simple as Dave?
  • What does it say about our sex lives when ‘the real books’ sell a million copies a week?

N.B. This series is intended for immature audiences.

L.O.L James

L.O.L James

Since early childhood LOL James (the obvious pseudonym) dreamed of writing crass double entendres that readers would find stupid and offensive – then titter in spite of their good taste, but he put those dreams on hold to focus on his career and family. He finally hardened up (see, he can’t help himself!) and put […]

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