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Flourish for Mums

21 ways to thrive with self-care and acceptance

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Authors: Sonia Bestulic
Parenting and families
133mm x 203mm

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Motherhood carries an unexpected, yet evolutionary path of self-development and self-discovery. The weight of social media, societal expectations, and an ever-evolving concept of what it means to be a good parent plays heavily on the minds of mothers.

Flourish for Mums: 21 ways to thrive with self-care and acceptance is a much-needed circuit breaker. It shares 21 personal, yet universal messages of deep wisdom to release the ‘mother guilt’ and anxiety around raising children, and ultimately enjoy a new kind of self-nurture. This is the perfect companion for mothers – gifting a warm embrace, and space, to rekindle a refreshing love for themselves.

Sonia Bestulic offers professional expertise, heartfelt connection and understanding, as she tenderly emphasises the need for mums to discover that ‘loving right’ is ‘living right’. Filled with uplifting anecdotes and supportive strategies, while busting big misconceptions, Flourish for Mums: 21 ways to thrive with self-care and acceptance cultivates a self-empowerment specific to mothers with its unique, strong, yet gentle messages. Handbag friendly and always ready to provide a dose of inspiration, it welcomes mothers to flourish. Now.

Sonia Bestulic

Sonia Bestulic

Sonia Bestulic is a multi-award nominated Children’s Author, Speech Pathologist, Podcaster, and highly regarded Speaker. She is also the Founder of Talking Heads Speech Pathology clinics, in Sydney Australia. Sonia is an advocate for honouring mothers’ wellbeing, celebrating children, and living a life powered by love. She combines real-world experience having worked with thousands of […]

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6 reviews for Flourish for Mums

  1. I absolutely love this book, and i am only 20 pages in! I can totally relate, and love that i can read it in between daily activities too. It is easy to read, and so much needed in my life, as a business owner and mum of two.

  2. Flourish for mums has some fundamental truths about making your own parenting pathway! Get the highlighters out team, this has so many light bulb moments. Well done Sonia Bestulic on a fantastic read!

  3. Inspiring yet practical advice to help us all navigate the challenges and responsibilities of motherhood while staying true to ourselves.
    Peace Mitchell – Co Founder – Ausmumpreneur and The Women’s Business School

  4. This is an uplifting guide for mums who are navigating through the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood! It is full of real life anecdotes and practical tips to help women to pause, reflect and nourish. It’s like having a chat with your best friend! A must have guide for mothers who are wanting to embrace self-love and care.
    Seeta McDonald – Early Childhood & Primary School Teacher – Mother and Stepmother

  5. Thank you Sonia for capturing the joys of motherhood and reminding us of the power of self-love. This is a book that you will want to read time and time again. I found myself smiling, laughing and sharing knowing nods with each chapter.
    Lisa Harrison: Mother of Two & Senior Executive

  6. Flourish for Mums contains a treasure-trove of love and support – and let’s face it – we often tend to place unrealistic expectations on ourselves, and what we really need is the reassurance that we’re doing the best we can – and that’s more than good enough. Sonia Bestulic has truly captured what it means to ‘flourish’, with her heartfelt, wise and practical strategies and inspiring quotes that speak to the soul of our humanness. Her gentle, uplifting words teach us to nurture ourselves, thrive and grow with self-reflection, belief, care and acceptance. This guide empowers us to embrace our inner joy and perfectly imperfect selves so that we can bloom like the most radiant flower in the bunch. Highly relatable and highly recommended.
    Romi Sharp – Just Write for Kids Australia

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