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Four Green Houses, and a Red Hotel

New Strategies for Creating Wealth through Property

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Authors: Pete Wargent
Property investment and shares

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Bestselling author of Get a Financial Grip – Listed in Money Magazine’s 2012 Top 10 Finance books

Four Green Houses, and a Red Hotel provides new and experienced investors with a specific state by state guide to the best property investments for future wealth.

Successful investment often mirrors a game of Monopoly – winners keep their expenses low and continue to acquire prime investments over time. Financial expert and author Pete Wargent, provides simple and effective strategies for acquiring wealth through property and a holistic financial plan, which includes share investment.

The economic instability since the financial crisis and the volatility of investment markets have made investment a daunting prospect for many Australians.

With interest rates cut to record lows, consumer confidence is growing and investors are coming back to the market in droves; albeit with a thirst for information on new property strategies and markets.

Four Green Houses, and a Red Hotel is an up-to-date look at each of the capital cities in Australia and the best investments in property and shares in each state.

Pete Wargent is one of Australia’s finest young financial commentators’ -Michael Yardney, bestselling author and voted Australia’s leading property investment adviser

Pete Wargent

Pete Wargent

Pete Wargent has a strong financial background having work for a number of professional finance organisations in Australia and the UK. He holds several top financial qualifications being a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Secretary and having a Financial Planning Diploma. Having worked in the professional environment for the past decade he understands the mindset of today’s […]

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5 reviews for Four Green Houses, and a Red Hotel

  1. ‘Writing something new and different about personal investment, yet appropriate to our changing times, is a tough gig. But Pete Wargent, one of Australia’s leading young financial commentators, has mastered this in his latest book. It contains an incredible wealth of real world insights from someone who has actually achieved what most readers will want to accomplish .I have been investing for over 40 years and read almost every book written on property investment in Australia yet I still learned new concepts in this book. I recommend it for beginning investors to get a good grounding and for experienced investors to receive a fresh perspective.’ – Michael Yardney, bestselling author and voted Australia’s leading property investment adviser

  2. It’s hard to find a balanced voice that paints a common sense picture of our property markets. Peter is one such voice – his extensive expertise and experience in both finance and property is clearly evident as he takes us on a tour of Australia’s real estate terrain imparting valuable lessons including holding for the long term and staying well diversified. I have no hesitation in recommending his book to anyone interested in real estate investment.’ – Catherine Cashmore, Real Estate Expert on The Circle (Channel Ten)

  3. ‘I’ve had the privilege of interviewing Pete on a number of occasions for our various real estate investing shows. I thoroughly recommend his new book. It is a great read!’ – Kevin Turner, Fairfax Radio real estate expert, Sky Television property commentator and host of Real Estate Talk and 4BC’s Real Estate Show

  4. ‘I’ve always had a great deal of respect for Pete Wargent’s thorough and entertaining market commentary. His book shares a wealth of state-by-state knowledge and experience for those interested in success through property. He delivers a common sense approach to investing in a manner that makes sense for every reader.’ – Iggy Damiani, Real Estate News (Sky News Business), Managing Director of Equilibrium Property

  5. This book is the one stop shop of buying property in Australia. Peter teaches the how and the where to buy. Combined with great resources you can put in place today a strategy to build your own wealth through property. This book gives you the rules so you can get on the board, roll the dice and start growing a successful property portfolio without leaving anything to chance!’ – Jane Slack-Smith, Director, Investors Choice Mortgages and author of Your Property Success with Renovation: 2 properties, 1 renovation, $1 million in the bank.

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